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   Chapter 487 An Opportunity From The Emperor

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7709

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In the depths of that space, dozens of enlightening vortexes in the middle of the air stirred up strong enlightening windstorms that permeated the whole area.

Meanwhile in the vicinity of those enlightening vortexes, funnel-like enlightening windstorms were sweeping upwards. These storms were equally oozing the enlightening power.

At that moment, Ricky felt the two Wind Holes in his palms began to pop up as if they were about to take in all the enlightening windstorms around him.

Ricky was completely focused on the enlightening vortexes at that point.

If he could refine all the enlightening power from the enlightening vortexes and store that power in his zones, his force would be strengthened exponentially.

"Young master, it looks like these enlightening vortexes have nothing to do with you now." Ricky gave a cold smile.

If he had not used the sisters for his own escape and gotten sucked in, the enlightening vortexes would have belonged to him eventually.

Ricky had missed the fact that the young master would not be able to get into this place despite having been sucked into the space rift.

The force of the enlightening windstorms was well beyond what a second-class lower spiritual king could take.

'I hope that Soar doesn't think that I've been killed already!' Ricky thought to himself before he set out to refine the enlightening vortexes.

"I thought you were a peerless genius beyond comparison, yet you only paid attention to these enlightening windstorms. Maybe I was wrong about you." At that moment, a voice sounded in his head. It sounded as if it came from an old man.

As old as it sounded, it struck Ricky's mind like a bomb. There was a great power instilled in each of the words.

"Who is this?" Ricky asked, feeling incredulous and surprised.

He had an educated guess as to who the owner of this voice was after thinking for a moment. It could only be the creator of the Small World he was in. It had to be a supreme emperor.

"I am the Oriental Emperor, and I am the creator of this Small World that you are currently in." The voice spoke again.

"Master Oriental Emperor!" Ricky immediately deferred to him as his guess had just been validated. The man was indeed a supreme emperor.

Anyone who made it to the rank of an emper

your advancement for the moment. You can get to that later."

"Thank you so much, master!" Ricky solemnly thanked the Oriental Emperor.

"You can only stay here for one month, then the rest is up to you."

"Master, I was wondering if you could kindly help me with something. A brother of mine is still out there. So, would you kindly let him know that I am still alive, please?" Ricky carefully made a request.

He was worried that Soar would do something irrational because he didn't know that Ricky had survived everything. It was really for the best to let him know.

"I will see what I can do," the Oriental Emperor replied kindly.

"Let me remind you that it is imperative that you learn how to control your emotion. Focus on what you should do instead of fantasizing about something beyond your reach. That is for later when you become more confident and capable."

Ricky was at a little bit of a loss. He had no clue as to why the Oriental Emperor said all that out of the blue.

Ricky still nodded despite his confusion though.

He understood that the Oriental Emperor must have meant something important. He would have to sleep on it and think about things before taking any action.

Then, Ricky could sense that the Oriental Emperor had left.

"The enlightening windstorm...I wonder how I can achieve it with the Wind Holes in my palms. Hopefully I will not be let down in this," Ricky murmured to himself after the Oriental Emperor left while looking at the sweeping enlightening windstorms around him.

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