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   Chapter 486 The Exceptional Opportunity Hidden Behind A Near-Death Occurrence

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"You two, quickly grab my hands!" the young master of the Heaven Palace immediately exclaimed when he heard the cry for help from his two maids. His words sounded hasty but he actually had a calm exterior demeanor. Earlier, a space rift suddenly appeared at the Small World that they were in. Without any warning, the two maids, their young master, and Ricky were quickly being dragged into the rift. The two maids feared that they might be sealed in the rift forever, so they cried for help right away.

'Am I seeing what I'm seeing? I didn't expect that this guy has a tender side and that he would be nice to women, ' Ricky thought to himself quietly. Yet somehow, he could feel that the young master must have some hidden and filthy personal agenda for trying to save his two maids.

When the two maids finally got a hold of their young master's hands, Ricky noticed that the calm eyes of their young master suddenly grew sharp and dark. Apparently, Ricky was right about the young master. He was not helping his two maids out of the goodness of his heart but was actually planning to take advantage of them.

Then, the moment he grabbed his two maids' hands, the young master pulled the two women forward. Before long, the Cloud Enlightenment emerged abruptly from his hands. Without a second's delay, he beat on the shoulders of the two women with the power of his Cloud Enlightenment.

Bang! A muffled thud rang out. The two maids were beaten very harshly. As a result of the strike, the two women instantly spewed blood as they flew backwards to the rift. Before Ricky could take another breath, the two maids had been completely sucked into the space rift.

Meanwhile, the young master was thrown out of the space rift because of what he did to his two maids. All along, that had been his vicious plan on how to get rid of the space rift's sucking power.

After that, the young master grabbed the enlightening vortex and quickly left the open area.

"There's no denying that he is a monster! How can he be so brutal and cold-hearted?!" Ricky cursed. After bearing witness to everything that happened, he felt really sad for the two maids.

Yet, at that moment, it suddenly dawned on Ricky that there might not be endless chaos inside the space rift. Because if that was the case, then it would have been impossible for the young master to escape by such an approach.

'Are there other things inside the space rift?' Ricky carefully thought to himself.

Then, he stopped struggling because he knew that no matter how hard he struggled, he could never get rid of the strong absorption power of the rift.

Meanwhile, a commotion was happening outside of that Small World as well.

"Sir, can you explain to us what is going on? When the enlightening vortex exists, the space rift is not supposed to appear! But why did it emerge just now?" the Array-shattering Spiritual King and the Skyward Sword Spiritual King asked the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor by using their internal power for telepathy. As they had been doing for the past few months, they had been carefully watching the events unfold within the Small World.

The two spiritual kings were in fact, extremely worried for Ricky. Although the Small World was created by the Oriental College, eve

us if that was indeed the case.

Buzz! Buzz!

At that moment, Ricky experienced a sudden and sharp pain in his palms. He then saw that two Wind Holes were emerging from his hands. They were buzzing abruptly as if they wanted to lead him to the depths of that space.

The two Wind Holes in his palms were obtained at the Fortune Land in the Realm of Wildness. Since he got out of the Fortune Land, the Wind Holes had become useless. Of course, there was no gravitational windstorm inside them right now.

'What happened? Why did the two Wind Holes appear out of the blue when I didn't activate them? And moreover, it seems like they want to take me to the depths of this space, ' Ricky thought silently with great confusion.

'It's clear that this space is filled with enlightening windstorms. Is there some sort of Enlightening Wind Hole similar to the Wind Hole that I encountered before?' Ricky kept on wondering to himself.

"The two of you, stay right here. I need to explore this space even further!" Ricky told the two women. Then, by himself, he walked into the depths of the space.

"Yes, young master!" the two women responded excitedly.

They naturally thought that since Ricky had just given them an order, it meant that he had agreed to accept them as his maids.

In reality, however, Ricky didn't think about it too much. He quickly moved to the depths of the space with one single goal in mind.

The further he walked into the depths of the space, the stronger the power of the enlightening storm became. In turn, he had to break out a stronger resisting power.

After a while, Ricky found out that the forming principles of the enlightening windstorms that were sweeping around him were exactly the same as those of the gravitational windstorms in the Fortune Land.

With such knowledge, Ricky quickly adapted to these enlightening windstorms. The resisting power he had to break out was naturally diminished.

Then, a few moments later, Ricky finally saw what was in the depths of the space.

"This is such a big opportunity indeed!" Ricky jubilantly exclaimed. He just couldn't believe his eyes. Never had he thought that he would be this lucky.

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