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   Chapter 485 An Impasse

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''I will not kill myself. If you want me to die, you'll have to take my life all by yourself!'' Ricky said evenly, gathering up his nerve to fight.

The unlucky situation kind of depressed him, but Ricky was never the kind of person to compromise easily, even if the enemy was much more powerful than him. He would never yield to the young master of Heaven Palace because there was still some possibility of defeating him left.

''Ha-ha, you make me laugh. Considering the fact that your spiritual king beast is not here, you have a lot of nerve trying to fight with me. After all, the title of peerless genius cannot help you now.'' The young master of the Heaven Palace opened his fan and began to rush toward Ricky.

Soar was not there, so he could safely act arrogant again.

Boom! With those words, he launched his attack by using the Cloud Enlightenment. The white cloud of spiritual energy enveloped his fan and it transformed into a cloud blade that struck Ricky fiercely.

That move was just his most tentative attack though.

His apex power was equal to a second-class lower spiritual king, while Ricky was a third-class lower spiritual king. The disparity of their power did exist. The young master intended to humiliate and torture Ricky before killing him.

Seeing that the young master did not use his full power, Ricky immediately figured out his intentions.

It was understandable that many arrogant geniuses like the young master were morbid bigots who liked to humiliate and torture the warriors inferior to them, especially the ones that they detested.

In that case, he would let his guard down, which would give Ricky the chance to escape.

Buzz! Ricky did not underestimate his enemy though. As he activated the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula and massacring runes, he merged the two powers and instilled all the power into his crossed arms.

Just after Ricky made that defensive move, the young master's attack arrived and clashed with the defensive energy in Ricky's arms.

Clang! A clear sound echoed across the sky as the cloud blade beat Ricky's body back.

Under his ripped clothes, Ricky's arms were only slightly injured. Two shallow slashes were

master had grown more cautious, and decided to take Ricky down once for all.

Ricky's unpredictable power had surprised him.

For example, Ricky was able to merge with the Flame Torrent, which was a power beyond his comprehension.

As a young master, he had gone through many crucial battles. Behind his ignorant exterior, he was cautious and careful on the inside. To avoid any accidents, he decided to immediately kill Ricky.

In that case, he would not be able to enjoy the process of playing with him and watching Ricky beg for his life. He could still get a lot of pleasure from strangling a peerless genius in his cradle.

''Cloud Enlightenment—Cloud Fettering Claw!''

In the next moment, the young master manipulate the immense Cloud Enlightenment and transformed it into a giant white claw. He tried to tear Ricky apart with its fierce fettering power.

''Blood Vitality Devouring Skill!'' Ricky had already prepared to put up a desperate fight.

Boom! Boom!

With the pumping of his enlightening power, the enlightening vortex in the sky suddenly created a space rift above the area.

The magnetic force of the space rift was extremely powerful.

Ricky, the young master and the two maids were all absorbed into the space rift then.

''What the hell?'' Ricky blurted out in astonishment. He thought that the enlightening vortex and space rift could not coexist.

''Young master, please help us!'' The two maids screamed in unison.

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