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   Chapter 484 Enemies Are Bound To Meet On A Narrow Road

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Ricky and Soar were inundated with gray mist after entering the enlightening passage. It felt like they had turned into time travelers, moving through the veil of time back to the time immemorial. Looking round, they felt the enlightening power sweeping through the air.

They didn't dare to refine the enlightening power at this time and in this place, though.

They all knew that once the power was refined, a large number of invisible space rifts would pop up.

Among different space rifts, the enlightening passage itself was visible and relatively safe. But the invisible space rifts were very dangerous. Even if you were a spiritual emperor, once you fell in, nothing could bring you back.

They had to find out the enlightening vortex for them to acquire the enlightening power. While at it, they also had to stay away from places where the power was very intense.

When Ricky, Soar, the young master of the Heaven Palace and his two maids walked inside the passage, all the other warriors and spiritual king beasts followed closely behind.

For their own safety, they fanned out across the ground while keeping a distance from each other.

"Ricky, let's go deep into the enlightening passage. But we have to be careful. The enlightening vortex must be much deeper," Soar told Ricky, communicating with him through their telepathic link.

"I got it. We had better keep a distance from the young master for the moment. You know, we don't have the chance to finish him off here," Ricky answered.

A few seconds later, Ricky and Soar dove deep into the passage. They didn't give the morose-looking young master the attention he wanted.

Ricky activated the power of three zones to scan the surroundings, lest he and Soar should fall into the invisible space rifts. Before he was done, an ear-splitting scream rent the air. The enlightening power had snatched one of the warriors and thrown him into the most volatile part of the enlightening passage.

The power in this space was so terrifying.

Especially, after the incident of the warrior who was sucked into the rift, almost everyone was shaken to the core. Now, some regretted entering the passage. But since there was no easy way out, most of them de

Ricky murmured.

"If I can refine this vortex, my strength and combat ability will be greatly boosted.

Damn! The vortex is right here!" At that very moment, Ricky suddenly heard a familiar voice. He did a double-take when he saw the young master and his two maids walking toward him from another small passage.

The young master, too, did a double-take on seeing Ricky.

But he instantly felt animated at the thought of finding Ricky alone. Without Soar to back him up, Ricky was no match for the young master.

By sheer luck, the young master finally got the chance he had been desperately hoping for—to refine the enlightening vortex and kill Ricky at the same time.

"Ha-ha! My genius Ricky, you know, enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road!" The young master of the Heaven Palace gloated and gave a horse laugh.

Ricky's face suddenly darkened. "Yes, the road is really narrow for us!" he snapped.

'Damn! I am unlucky today!' Ricky thought to himself.

At this time, the young master was the last person he wanted to see in the world.

But fate had arranged a meeting for them. 'Could this be the work of the good-luck charm which I got in the Fortune Land?'

he thought, a grumpy mood clouding his face.

'Anyway, the best thing to do now is run for dear life. I'm no match for him at present.'

"Ha-ha, Ricky, are you terrified of me?" The young master laughed wildly as he glared at Ricky. "Would you like to kill yourself or to die at my hands?"

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