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   Chapter 483 Enter the Enlightening Passage

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This pair of sisters had obviously practiced the same cultivation method. When they rapidly crossed the space, their spiritual energy surged, turning into white mist. The Cloud Enlightenment also diffused into the space around them at the same time.

Immediately, Ricky was surrounded by the power of Cloud Enlightenment that came from them.

It seemed that their power, not only successfully restricted the actions of Ricky, but also restricted the space and spiritual energy around him. In addition, it indirectly slowed down any actions that Ricky wanted to take.

Surprisingly, it turned out that the sisters had practiced the fettering power contained in the Cloud Enlightenment to make it so successful.

They could also clearly see that under the direct and indirect restraint, Ricky's movements had gradually slowed down.

There was no doubt that Ricky had expected that incident to take place, but he just smiled lightly and did not take any further defensive action against the sisters' attack. He somehow remained incredibly calm. He rushed towards the sisters, as if he was just launching a normal attack as he ordinarily would.

Accompanied by the diffusing golden light, Ricky bombarded them with a golden fist, which directly rushed towards those sisters.

"Cloud Enlightenment—Fettering Whip Attack!" Under the Ultimate Fettering Domain, the sisters cried out at the same time to launch an attack against that golden fist, and all of a sudden, the amazing power of Cloud Enlightenment around them surged forward like the tide.

In the next moment, the endless Cloud Enlightenment suddenly turned into a huge whip. Like a python circling around him, the whip was tearing at Ricky from all directions with stunning speed.

Boom! The next moment, Ricky's golden body was heavily bombarded by the fierce attack coming from the whip, and his strength was immediately subdued.

What was worse, the golden fist that he attacked with was also subdued.

"You still dare to claim that you are a peerless genius? From my perspective, you are just an over-confident guy who even dared to offend our young master! Your miserable fate is to be defeated by us now!" Floating in mid-air, the two sisters spoke in a cold voice. They were completely satisfied while they watched Ricky become subdued by their own enlightening power, and they couldn't help but gloat over his fate.

They were quite confident that, under the attack of their Cloud Enlightenment that was characterized by fettering power, Ricky would only be bound for death and there would be no other choice left for him. So, what if he was a peerless genius? He would eventually be killed by them.

"This guy is known as a peerless genius, isn't he? If the news that he ended up dead because of two women gets out, it will be a big joke to everyone!" Seeing what was happening, the warriors around spoke contemptuously about Ricky. There was a bit of awful glee revealed in their tone.

"He is the one that they refer to as a peerless genius? It real

s and fear.

After that, neither Ricky nor Soar responded with actual words anymore. They began to condense their power in order to launch a joint attack against him.


At that very moment, a strong roar shook the area, and the strong attraction that pervaded all around the space rift quickly receded.

"It is said that the attraction recedes for only half an hour. The next time it would disappear is three days after that. At that point in time, we have to come out of this space; otherwise we will be pulled into chaos and crushed by it."

In the next moment, all the warriors and spiritual king beasts around stopped paying attention to Ricky, Soar, and the young master of the Heaven Palace. They quickly jumped into the enlightening passage instead. The enlightening passage was the most important thing for the warriors and spiritual king beasts at that point.

If they could get to the enlightening vortex in the enlightening passage and refine it afterwards, their whole trip would actually be worthwhile, even if they had failed in that selection.

"Ricky, it seems that we must first let go of this guy," Soar said to Ricky, unwilling to miss the excellent opportunity before them.

At the moment, he joined hands with Ricky. If they could show everyone their real strength, there would be a great possibility that they could kill the young master of the Heaven Palace. But it wouldn't be worthwhile to kill the young master rather than miss the enlightening vortex.

"It's okay. We will just let him live for a little while longer. When we come out of that enlightening passage, we will definitely catch him again, no matter where he flees," Ricky replied to Soar as he tried to put aside his own feelings for the moment.

"Okay, I know that you're right," Soar said in a calm and understanding tone.

The next moment, like the other warriors and spiritual king beasts, Ricky and Soar turned away from the young master of the Heaven Palace and jumped into the enlightening passage.

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