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   Chapter 482 The Young Master Of Heaven Palace

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6316

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Everyone in the enlightening passage was attracted by Ricky and Soar.

After all, Ricky was a peerless genius.

"He is Ricky, the peerless genius," many warriors and spiritual king beasts murmured. Mostly, they were kind to Ricky, but a few felt envious and even wanted to attack him.

"Ricky, will they attack us here?" Soar asked Ricky through telepathy when he felt those envious eyes.

"Relax! They just know I possess the skeleton of a spiritual emperor," Ricky replied. "But if they are foolish enough to think they can get it from me, let them try."

Ricky was so confident because his strength had improved a lot.

Moreover, Soar too was no pushover. The two of them would make mincemeat of anyone here, unless they had a first-class lower spiritual king. But there wasn't one.

In readiness for anything, Soar released the full momentum of his dragon aura.

'Is the young man beside Ricky a spiritual king beast with some strong bloodline? Why do I feel an overwhelming and strong sense of bloodline stress from him?' the spiritual king beasts thought as soon as they felt the momentum of Soar.

The human warriors frowned at the immensity of Soar's force. Although they couldn't feel his strong bloodline, they could tell from his aura that he was almost an first-class lower spiritual king.

At that moment, another young man stood in the crowd, smiling faintly. But he couldn't hide his greed for the skeleton Ricky possessed.

He looked very handsome in white clothes and held a white folding fan in his hand. The fresh aura of a celestial being oozed from his body.

Two young girls stood behind him. Their faces didn't launch a thousand ships, but they were pretty and had their own unique aura. From the eyes, you could tell they were sisters.

"Ricky, you're so famous that I have heard of you before." At that moment, the young man was walking towar

d spiritual king beasts thought.

'Come on! Let them fight right away. They had better hurt each other badly.'


The young master began to prepare for the fight. As soon as he stopped talking, he disappeared in the air. All of a sudden, He used the Wind Enlightenment to kick Ricky in the face.

"Go to hell where you belong!" Soar shouted out as he appeared in front of Ricky. Swiftly, he waved his flame fist to resist the young master's attack.

They were fighting against each other fiercely.

But the young master was also a first-class lower spiritual king. The fight was nearly a draw.

"You two kill him at once," the young master commanded.

"Yes, young master!" Immediately, the two maids sprang into action.

The two maids were the first to react, switching to their full strength. Both of them had the peak combat power of a third-class upper spiritual king. Then they both charged forward to attack Ricky.

"Relax Ricky. They still ain't a match for you," Soar said using his internal power.

"Don't worry. If I can't handle these two little girls, I won't need to take part in the selection," Ricky replied. Then straight away, he broke out his Nine-degree Body Refining Formula and attacked with his golden light.

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