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   Chapter 481 Enlightening Vortex

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"Ricky, I can tell from your aura that you have made a significant improvement with your cultivation!" Soar looked at Ricky with great excitement.

"You are not wrong. I have taken and refined five enlightening marks in this month alone, which is indeed a great booster for my cultivation. Otherwise you would have to protect me in the coming days," said Ricky.

"Ricky, to my knowledge, one could not refine the enlightening mark with the level of demi-immortal. So you must have used the Chaotic Fire Zone," Soar said, contemplating and concerned. "If this is the case, someone may be able to figure out that you have something extraordinary on you!"

"I do not have a choice. I need my strength at its best," Ricky replied.

He naturally knew what Soar meant. This was the turf of the Oriental College so it was very likely they could find out his secret.

Hearing Ricky, Soar dropped the subject, since he understood Ricky would crave for power because he wanted to go to the Phoenix tribe as soon as possible.

"Master Soar, I think it is bad for Master Ricky to be pursuing power like this. Gifted as he is, he could still lose his way and cave in to the devil inside." Alva spoke after he learnt of Ricky's condition from Soar.

"Trust me, I know this too. He gives the impression of having gotten over Grace, but from a closer look, he wouldn't easily let it go. I will have to help him get out of it gradually," Soar replied solemnly.

"Soar, have you met Madeline and the men sent by Scar before?" Ricky inquired moments later.

"I have met a few of them. However, no one seemed to care about looking for you except Madeline, so I did not join them," said Soar.

"I see. I was wondering if the men could help me with something. But it looks they are not as loyal as advertised," Ricky said with a little contempt in his voice.

"In the world of the warriors, loyalty is nothing compared to personal benefits. You know that," Soar consoled Ricky.

"By the way, what do you need them for?" Soar had been mulling

rtexes. With some of these, he would make it to the first-class lower spiritual king sooner.

Without further ado, the two of them set off for that enlightening passage.

Enlightening passages were loopholes in the Small World and they were usually located in the outer limits.

It took them about ten days before they found the passage. But along the way, they had run into quite a number of warriors and beasts.

Some of the encounters ended peacefully. But others did not. Fortunately, those that escalated into conflicts only added more enlightening marks to Ricky and Soar.

There were giant rifts around the fringe of the Small World with tremendous gravity. Even a middle spiritual king could not withstand such force and could get sucked in, pretty easily.

Some of these space rifts formed the enlightening passages that the two were looking for.

Generally, the passages were those rifts with the strongest enlightening power.

As they passed by, they kept watching for such power to signal them to the right spot.

They stopped at one that they thought was just right for their mission. But its gravitation was still very strong, and was already being watched by other spiritual kings, eagerly waiting a decline in the power oozing from the passage so that they too could dip in.

Otherwise they would get sucked into endless chaos.

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