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   Chapter 480 Alva Woke Up

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The whole process began with the first enlightening mark. Three types of runes gushed out from Ricky's body. The main one was the devouring rune. He took that as a sign and activated his Devouring Skill to start the refinement.

He had already understood the enlightening power a long time back, at the Enlightening Cliff in the scattering land of the ancient battlefield. Wasting no more time and energy on it again, he swiftly moved on to the next aspect. He needed to refine the mark.

Ricky could see that the mark containing the enlightening power gradually became smaller and smaller while being pushed by the three types of runic power. Mingling and melting inside those runes, it spread across his regained spiritual meridian before it entered his three zones.

Only the real spiritual kings could use the enlightening power. So, Ricky, as a demi-immortal, couldn't just transfer it into his own body. His three zones were the best places the enlightening power could be stored. Having done that, one could say he possessed the enlightening power to some degree too.

Even though his flesh and blood were unable to contain the enlightening power, there was still something Ricky could benefit from. It was the spiritual emperor's comprehension left inside the enlightening mark, that he could still digest.

The spiritual emperor lived up to his fame as a real strong warrior. There might be only a very small part of his comprehension and experience left in the mark, but it was more than sufficient for Ricky. He would still gain a lot of useful information from it.

Sensing the power of a spiritual emperor, Ricky thought to himself, 'Is this what a spiritual emperor is capable of? When will I become a spiritual emperor? I can't imagine what it would feel like to possess that kind of power. I want that. I really do.' Suddenly, Grace's face flashed through his mind. 'Master Grace! I will push all my boundaries. I will grow stronger so fast that it wouldn't be believable. Just wait for me! I will get you out of that place very soon!' His eyes glistened with determination and promise.

"What just happened? How could this be? He successfully refined the enlightening power as a demi-immortal. I've never seen or heard of such a thing before. This is impossible!" All disciples just stood there rooted to the ground, awestruck, as they witnessed the scene.

"Even Jasper could not make it when he was a demi-immortal! But now, this guy has done it! I must admit that I am extremely impressed," said someone at the back. Muttering sounds came from everywhere, as the crowd could no longer hold on to their thoughts.

It was just too good to be true. In that moment, those disciples of the Oriental College genuinely thought they were in a dream where impossible and magical things happened frequently. They were absolute geniuses judging by the fact that they were admitted by the Oriental College. They were also very well aware of that. B

sensed something strange. At first, he was confused. But, soon the confusion was replaced by thrill.

Thump! Right at that time, he saw a flame shooting towards him. It was none other than the Heaven Melting Fire.

"Soar! Finally, here you are!" Ricky jumped with excitement as he looked at the fire.

The flame landed and transformed into the form of a human being. It was Soar. "You know, it's not easy to find you! This is not a small place at all. I've been searching for you the past one month using the Heaven Melting Fire," Soar said, panting and trying to catch his breath.

"It must be very troublesome for you to search for me. I'm honored. Thank you," Ricky said in a grateful voice.

He wanted to search for Soar. But, his strength had not been strong enough before the refinement. So, the only choice was Soar searching for him.

"You know what? I'm bringing you another guy here!" Soar said with a mysterious look before he nodded his head.

Immediately after, a familiar voice was heard in Ricky's mind. "It's me, my master!"

"Oh my God! It's you! Alva! You woke up!" Ricky exclaimed in great excitement as soon as he heard the familiar voice.

Ever since Alva helped him to fight back the Shadow King, he had been asleep to recover. It had been almost one and half a year until now. Ricky missed him so very much.

"Yes, this is me, my master. I'm so glad to see you again," Alva said in a smiling voice.

"Yes, same here! I'm just so happy! I'm glad to see you are in good condition now," Ricky said. "You can just call me Ricky! Master would not be necessary. You have Soar to be your master now. He is the Heaven Melting Dragon and he is the real master of you."

"Ha-ha! You're too kind! You save me and Alva. He considered you to be his master. So you can continue being his master," Soar said with a genuine smile.

"Alas, Alva, you are going to have two masters! Ha-ha!"

They shared the joy and burst into laughter happily.

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