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   Chapter 478 The First Enlightening Mark That He Got

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Hum! Hum!

The golden light around him buzzed even louder as Ricky called out the name of his skill. In the blink of an eye, he was engulfed by the endless golden light. It made his body shimmer dazzlingly. He totally looked like a shining star at that point.

What was more astonishing was that the massacring runes spread over Ricky's body. They made him seem like he was wearing golden armor. With that armor and his handsome face, he was extremely eye-catching to anyone around.

Afterwards, the massacring runes began changing into visible golden power. The power moved slowly before it gathered on the right side of Ricky's back. Meanwhile, his refined body also ejected the golden power and gathered on the left side of his back.

Thanks to the golden power, Ricky's body became stronger. He was shimmering even more glaringly as the energy settled.

Ricky had just combined the power from his refined body and his Massacring Zone. He had already reached the top tier of his body refining cultivation method. It was no exaggeration to say that his body was imperishable. The truth was that, one who practiced any body refining cultivation method, would have an imperishable body when they reached the highest level of that cultivation method.

The power from his Massacring Zone was murderous and strong. When the two types of energies were mixed on the surface of Ricky's body, his power was almost improved to double what it had been.

As a matter of fact, Ricky did not know the details of it until he reached the limit of his Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

"Yes! Let's leave it all up to skill and fate! Let's do this!" York said in agreement. He was also a straightforward man.

The next moment, his endless earth enlightening power swarmed up and gathered from within the surroundings before moving towards his body. The power then focused on his chest, gradually turning into a yellowish-brown ball.

At the same time, York took out his spiritual weapon from his storage ring. His spiritual weapon was a long, yellowish brown staff.

Hum! Hum! The moment his long staff was drawn, it buzzed loudly as if it could feel that its master was in need of it. From the aura it gave out, one could tell that the staff was an advanced-stage Demi-spiritual weapon.

"Mixing up! The power of defending earth—the Double Staffs!"

York shouted the name of the skill he was using. The earth enlightening power, which had been originally resting on his body, seemed to be squeezed out. Then, it morphed into the shape of a long staff before it melted to fuse with York's weapon.

The earth enlightening power and the staff did not mix with each other completely, though. To be more precise, York's staff was surrounded by the power that had

hat he will.'

The most ideal disciple in the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor's mind was someone who had the determination to fight and, when necessary, the compassion to spare someone.

The disciples of the Oriental College were pleased to see that Ricky was a kind-hearted man. All of them were sure that Ricky would be another leading figure in the Oriental College as long as everything went smoothly with his cultivation. They were happy about the possibility of being led by a merciful leader.

If Ricky were a cruel and cold-hearted man, they were probably going to live a miserable life when he gained power over them.

"Why didn't you just kill me?" York asked in surprise after he dragged himself off the ground with shaky legs.

In York's mind, the strongest warriors would always have disregard for human life. Such warriors would kill any weaker creature they met if they felt like it.

"I didn't kill you because you did not intend to kill me either. I never kill people that I don't need to," Ricky said in a serene tone as his breathing slowed back to its normal pace.

"What's more, all I want is your enlightening mark. Killing you would not do me any good. Why would I go through with the hassle of that?"

"I think I understand now. Thank you," York said.

Then, he took out his mark and threw it towards Ricky.

"If there is any chance that we meet again someday, let's be friends, as long as you want that as well," Ricky said with a smile after he reached out and caught the mark.

"Ha-ha! Although it's a little bit awkward that I was just defeated by you right after I entered the battlefield, I still feel very lucky to have fought with such a peerless genius! This journey was not completely fruitless at least!" York said and burst into laughter when he heard such kind words from Ricky.

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