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   Chapter 477 A Ferocious Fight

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Buzz! Buzz! The moment they collided, the corridor created by Ricky's runes faded and turned into a strong power, which in turn sank into his fist, making Ricky even more powerful.

The violent collision created an endless blast that rippled through the air, splitting things into pieces.

Those cracks in the air lingered for quite some time. That was just a Small World created by the spiritual emperor, after all. So the forces of nature were not strong enough to have the air restored in a short time.

Ricky's fist had grazed York's shield. The first layer collapsed the first and then the second layer. Fortunately, the blow could not penetrate the third layer.


Immediately, the strong auras of the two became turbulent like a flood. Both Ricky and York were charging at each other like in mad rage, raising swirls of dust in the air.

In the blink of an eye, they met, so did their fists.

Bang! Bang! They stopped as their fists collided. The swirls of dust rose high into the sky like a spout from the ground.

"You have lived up to your reputation as a peerless genius. The fact that you can challenge a spiritual king as a demi-immortal is impressive, to be honest. If you were also an innate spirit, then I don't think I'd stand a chance against you for even one bout," York claimed as he was surrounded by his earth power.

"But you know what? You are being over-confident though you are a peerless genius. You can challenge a spiritual king. But that doesn't mean that you can defeat him!"

"I'm being over-confident? I don't think so. I will prove it to you that a peerless genius can defeat a spiritual king even though he is just a demi-immortal! You will soon know!" Ricky grinned in response.

Roar! Roar! After they finished their conversation, both of them roared out loud. They gathered all their strength on their hands, preparing for the incoming collision using their bodies.

Outside the battlefield, the disciples of the Oriental College were surprised by what was going on inside the Small World. "Indeed, he has confirmed his reputation as a peerless genius! Are we going to have another peerless genius just like Jasper soon?" one of them exclaimed lo

air, between the trees, and so on. People would hardly see their collision. All they could see were two vague shadows swooshing past, here and there.

That was what those ordinary warriors could see and hear, of course.

For those who were stronger than Ricky and York, they could see their every collision. After one particularly sharp clang, they separated again. Now both of them panting heavily, clothes torn, they looked like a mess.

York was worse off. His eyes deep red, he reckoned just how powerful a peerless genius was. He finally had real respect for Ricky.

When York was still a demi-immortal at the limit, he felt frail when faced with the weakest spiritual king.

But his opponent resisted him and even fought back beautifully. They just ended in a draw! It was obvious that Ricky was very strong.

York did not understand why a peerless genius was so highly spoken of until now.

"You are indeed very extraordinary!" York acknowledged.

"I will only be extraordinary after I defeat you!" Ricky responded calmly after he adjusted his breath and retracted his devouring rune and chaotic fire rune.

The only thing left was the massacring rune. Ricky was ready to show the real power of his refined body.

"Let's have the last one last do or die bout! One game will settle it all!" Ricky shouted and challenged. "The Massacring Refined Body!" Then, Ricky dropped into a fighting stance as a hint of golden light flashed through his eyes.

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