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   Chapter 476 The First Battle

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"Yes, I must collect more enlightening marks from others!" Ricky murmured as he put the mark on his left shoulder and the mark was immediately sucked into his body. An evil smile crept onto his lips because he obviously had a plan on how to get more marks.

He was really enjoying the game in a strange way, though it was cruel. A strong warrior was born to fight, after all. Ricky felt that his every nerve was delivering a message to him that said he must do something impressive in the Small World he was in. Despite the fact that he liked the hunting game, Ricky still had his own principles. He would never hurt the people or beasts badly, or try to kill them. He only needed to take away their enlightening marks to win.

He would not feel guilty for stealing or robbing from others to get the marks. The rules were set by the Oriental College, after all. He could not object to it or even break any of the rules. As a matter of fact, he was quite merciful for the fact that he had decided not to kill his opponents.

Some other warriors or beasts would do worse. They would not only take away other people's enlightening marks, but they would also snatch everything they had before butchering them.

Ricky was not a blindly kind-hearted man, though. If those warriors or beasts refused to give him their marks, he would make them hand their marks over by defeating them.

Taking a deep breath, Ricky walked in the direction that he had felt there might be other warriors or beasts without any hesitation. There was determination in his eyes as he went.

At the same time, he kept himself on high alert because he was well aware that he might be killed at any time, if he was distracted for even just one second. He was probably the only demi-immortal in that place. Being surrounded by all those spiritual kings was very dangerous, especially when they were harboring evil intentions.

When the war began on the battlefields, many disciples of the Oriental College stood at the entrances of the battlefields, on the other hand. They, of course, did not care about the recruitment competition. All they cared about was Ricky because he was a peerless genius.

People could see the events happening inside the battlefields from the entrances. All the disciples out there were staring at Ricky.

"What they said is right! A demi-immortal is on a spiritual king battlefield!" a disciple said in surprise. "Is he really a peerless genius?"

There was an obvious hint of suspicion in his voice. Everyone, then, turned their eyes to look at the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor and the other two completed spiritual kings. They wanted to know the answer too.

"Just be patient and watch. You will see whether he is a peerless genius or not soon," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor suggested with a smile. He did no

"The Ferocious Fire Attack!" he shouted at his enemy. His counterattack immediately overcame York He's strike.

The ferocious power from the mixture of the chaotic fire rune and the Heaven Melting Fire was the best choice he had to resist the pressure caused by the Ultimate Earth Domain.

"The Triple Rune Fist!" Ricky launched his attack before he shouted out his next striking method.

He clearly understood that he had to get the upper hand as early as possible in the fight. He was still a demi-immortal, after all. He would only be able to defeat his opponent more easily the earlier he gained control of the fight.

Three types of runes rose from his body and mixed in the air. They then mixed together and turned into the shape of a dragon. The dragon circled around Ricky's fists and arms as his body became stronger.

Buzz! Buzz!

A corridor was formed in front of Ricky. The corridor led to the location that York He was standing in. Right at that second, Ricky threw out a punch.

Accordingly, a giant fist embedded with devouring, ferocious, and massacring power was shot towards York He. Wherever the fist passed, the scenery around it was torn apart.

"The Earth Shield—the Three-layered Shield!"

York He's soles slammed onto the ground. At that point in time, he seemed to be more powerful and grounded with the land beneath his feet. Meanwhile, his power of defending earth reached its peak level.

Afterwards, he bent over and hit the ground violently with his fists.

One could see that the ground in front of York He heaved upwards and formed three thick walls in front of him. There was thick and overpowering earth enlightening power sent forth by those walls.

Visibly, endless earth power continued pouring out from the ground and attached itself onto the three walls.


The next second, Ricky's fist met York He's three earth walls.

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