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   Chapter 474 The Two Peerless Geniuses Finally Crossed Paths

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10309

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"Madeline, please listen to me carefully. Now that Ricky has chosen the spiritual king battlefield, you have to go there as well. You must personally protect him. We have sent out our men but I can only trust you. You're the only one that can do this task," Scar immediately said to Madeline when he saw that the two airships were about to take off.

"Yes, I will do it!" Madeline nodded her head confidently without any hesitation.

If her boss had asked her to protect this young man in the past, she would definitely be reluctant to do it. But she had a different opinion about Ricky. She knew that he was a peerless genius. That was why she immediately agreed when she heard her Scar's request. She was very happy to have this chance to be able to protect a peerless genius.

"But remember this, you have to call him young master!" Scar gave her one last reminder. In fact, he did not despise Ricky anymore after he was made aware of Ricky's true strength and potential.

"Yes, I got it!" Madeline nodded her head once again.

The next moment, she jumped onto the dais where Ricky was standing on.

Ricky, on the other hand, quickly noticed the woman who came at the last second before the airship would leave the ground. He then looked at her from head to toe.

From his perspective, she looked a little bit like Grace. She had exquisite and defined facial features that made her look quite a heroine. She didn't have any expression on her face except tranquility. 'She must have a strong will, ' Ricky commended secretly.

"Do you work for Scar?" Ricky asked her through telepathy. Meanwhile, he activated his power originating from his zones to test this woman's strength. It turned out that she was at least a first-class lower spiritual king.

"Yes, young master," Madeline promptly responded to his question.

"Young master?" Ricky couldn't believe what he just heard. He laughed a little before he continued, "Well, that is very considerate of Scar to think of such an address." He thought for a while and with a smile, said, "Since you work for Scar, you don't need to be so formal and distant by calling me young master. Just call me Ricky."

"Okay, Ricky it is!" Seeing how politely and friendly he looked at her, Madeline immediately changed her demeanor towards him.

"How many people do you have here? Are you by yourself?" Ricky asked again.

"The hall leader sent out almost every man available right now. There are twenty-one people here, including me," she replied at once.

"There are also twenty people on the other airship. They were supposed to protect you. But it seems like they wouldn't have much to do."

Ricky laughed inside as he thought, 'Scar is really worried about me so much!' However, he understood why Scar did this. Scar was a servant to him now and his priority was to keep him safe. No wonder he sent out all of his men.

'Doris was really being wise when she left the bonding contract between me and him. Honestly, this is such a huge help to me, ' Ricky thought.

"So, Ricky, should I contact the other twenty men

'm sure that this place will not disappoint me!' Ricky wondered with a little excitement in his heart.

While Ricky continued to process the knowledge that he had just heard, Jasper Zhang looked at him directly. In Jasper Zhang's mind, he felt that the young man in front of him was very special among all those candidates. Jasper Zhang's felt that he was also a very talented genius like himself.

Or it could be said that a peerless genius would always attract another peerless genius because of their similar momentums.

In the blink of an eye, Jasper Zhang dashed in front of Ricky. With a smile on his face, he said, "If my guess serves me right, you must be the peerless genius everyone is talking about!"

Uncontrollably, Jasper Zhang released his battle intention. As if by instinct, he wanted to battle against Ricky. However, he tried really hard to suppress such intention. He was actually afraid that he might kill Ricky. In Jasper's mind, Ricky was still too weak to battle against him despite the fact that both of them were peerless geniuses.

At that point in time, everyone locked their eyes on the two young men. They could already imagine what it would be like if they fought against each other. It must be a really wonderful and ferocious battle.

'It seems that this college will become very lively soon. I like that! Hopefully, they will not only become enemies, but become friends as well!' the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor thought to himself while he stared at the two young men in front of him. He actually liked Ricky and hoped that Ricky and Jasper would become good friends. That way, both of them could make progress and enhance themselves together, without being shaded by dark thoughts.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Ricky Nan," Ricky introduced himself in a decent manner. He recognized that Jasper Zhang wanted to have a fight with him. But Ricky couldn't find it in himself to find faults with the man in front of him. Ricky thought that it would be the best for him to behave politely at that moment.

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