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   Chapter 473 Ricky Did The Old Man A Favor

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Baron's eyes had shone with confidence before the start of the fight. But his emotions went downhill—from confidence to desperation, to fear, to disbelief. He could not believe what he got himself into this time. With all the mixed emotions that he was feeling, he roared his heart out. "What is happening? No way. This is not supposed to happen! I must be dreaming!

You are a peerless genius! How could it even be possible!?"

Baron was also a genius. However, he was trained by a relatively weak organization. So there was no way he could be a match for a peerless genius like Ricky. This was because a peerless genius always had a strong force to back him up at any time. Even if Ricky did not have any support for the time being, numerous powerful forces would still offer to support him. And from that point on, Baron realized that his organization and family would never be able to compete with Ricky or his support.

This situation was too much for Baron to bear that he was already going out of his mind.

The next moment, he lifted his head high up and roared into the air out of grief. Then suddenly, his body grew bigger and bigger as it became inflated. And right before everyone's eyes, he was already changing his shape!

"You are a spiritual king beast!" Ricky exclaimed with wide eyes as he looked at Baron.

The next moment, he also activated his strength to limit his resistance with his opponent. This was done because when a spiritual king beast showed its real beast body, its strength would be stronger than its strength in human form. Clearly, Baron was transforming into the beast body. Moreover, he was wild now, which indicated that he would grow much more powerful.

"Humph! Still trying to fight against me, huh? Now that you've already gone crazy, I will make you sober by beating the shit out of you!" Ricky stated in a cold voice when he saw Baron intend to launch another attack against him.

But Baron was not to be defeated easily as he responded with a loud roar. Then, in just a few seconds, he had already transformed into a big black bear. A white moon hung above his head while it released a very strong and powerful aura.

"Oh, he's a member of the Moon Bear tribe!" Ricky murmured to himself as he recognized this species. The shape of a black bear and the moon were obvious enough for everyone to recognize which tribe Baron belonged to.

As a matter of fact, the Moon Bear tribe did not have a very strong bloodline. After all, a grown bear would only become an upper spiritual king at the most. With this, they were kind of the weakest force among all those organizations who had innate spiritual kings.

No wonder Baron went crazy when he learned Ricky was a peerless genius! Fear and desperation engulfed his every being when he realized that he wouldn't stand a chance against Ricky. And maybe that was also the reason why he also lost his mind.

Seeing Baron caught by madness, all his seniors became very worried about his state. To them, this was a sign of death. If Baron could not get himself together, then he would be trapped, lose all his intelligence, and become a stupid animal who could not think very smartly! In other words, if he would not recover from his state of madness, then he would be unable to p

cky would have hunted them down as soon as he became a completed spiritual king. And when that time came, there would be no place for them to hide in the whole Eastern Land.

"Yes, I understand it," Baron immediately responded when he heard what the old man had just said.

Then, he turned to Ricky and said, "Thank you, Ricky, for keeping me alive!"

"Yeah, but it's no big deal! This could probably be the chance for us to know each other!" Ricky said with a smile on his face.

He did not care whether Baron was really being nice to him or just pretending to be nice. Still, Ricky responded to his opponent politely because of the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor.

"Wow, you are such an open-minded man!" some of Baron's seniors exclaimed as they thanked Ricky.

"All right, then! This is the end of this chaos! Are there any qualified warriors who have not yet arrived at their respective daises? Hurry up! And those demi-immortals who want to fight on the spiritual king battlefield, you can change your dais, too! Do it quickly. The recruitment competition is about to start soon," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor reminded the warriors.

Those demi-immortals, on the other hand, shook their heads upon hearing his words. Unlike Ricky, they were not that confident to challenge a spiritual king.

"This is the last time that I am going to warn you. You may be killed during the fight and no one will take the responsibility. Anyone who is afraid to be killed, please feel free to leave now," the old man added.

All those who were standing on the daises shook their heads with determined eyes.

They had been waiting for this chance for such a long time that death did not scare them.

"All of you are very courageous! I'm very pleased to see this kind of attitude from all of you. Well, without further ado, it's time to set off! Let's leave!" the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor announced.

The next moment, the Skyward Sword Spiritual King and Array-shattering Spiritual King started deploying arrays. The two airships, floating in the air, grew larger in an instant. At this point, both of them looked like two giant mountain peaks in mid-air.

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