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   Chapter 471 Ricky's Behavior Puzzled Everyone

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 11675

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"I appreciate that you're just looking out for me, Soar. But I believe that you know me very well. Once I have made up my mind to do something, it is already fixed, and I will never change my mind. If those people really want to kill me, then just let them. I will deal with them and act accordingly," Ricky said to Soar in a cold voice as he stared at the dais where spiritual kings were supposed to gather. No one could deny the determination in his eyes.

"I trust you, Ricky. Now that you've already made up your mind, I know I'll never be able to convince you otherwise. Just remember that I have full confidence in you," Soar responded. He had to stop convincing Ricky for he knew that nothing would ever change his friend's mind. "I think that's it, then. I'm going, now," Soar said.

"Okay then," Ricky responded.

After he said his goodbye, Soar jumped onto the dais on the right. Everyone stared at him with murderous eyes.

Ricky was on the move, too. He walked towards the dais on the right as well. The eyes of the audience fell on him just like how they looked at Soar—with greedy eyes that could kill right away.

"What in the world is he doing?" someone from the audience exclaimed with confusion. "Is he being too afraid to choose between the demi-immortal dais and the spiritual king dais?"

When Ricky chose the spiritual king battlefield, all of the people's faces in the crowd became puzzled. "Maybe you are right about him being too scared. He is just a demi-immortal, after all. It is reasonable for a demi-immortal to be short sighted when faced with this kind of situation," another warrior echoed.

While the people were busy gossiping, Ricky had already landed on the dais on the right.

'Hmmm...That's kind of interesting!' the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor thought to himself as he assessed the situation in front of him. He squinted his eyes a bit as he locked his eyes on Ricky. As a strong warrior, he saw that Ricky was not at all scared to distinguish the two battlefields. With this, he had the impression that Ricky was fearless beyond measure.

"Oy! Do you know me? I am Baron Wang. Why are you standing here in the spiritual king battlefield? In case you haven't noticed, I am a spiritual king and I am here to tell you that you are not supposed to be here! Just go to the other battlefield where you belong!" a strong young man with a muscular figure yelled at Ricky in a disdainful tone the moment he set his foot on the right dais.

"If you are too scared to distinguish the two battlefields, I could understand it. But if you insist on fighting here, I will beat the shit out of you."

"Ha-ha!""Ha-ha!" Many people burst into laughter upon hearing what the young man had just said. They all laughed and teased at how Ricky's arrogance had struck again.

"What on earth is he doing?" Pearl, on the other side of the dais, whispered as she furrowed her beautiful eyebrows. She was surrounded by a large number of geniuses and couldn't help but be puzzled at Ricky's behavior. At the back of her mind, she did not think that Ricky had lost his mind when he chose the right dais. After all, he already had outsmarted her once. And that alone was enough to prove that Ricky was not an idiot. There was no way that he would be able to make such a bold move just to pick the wrong choice.

Moreover, if Ricky were really scared, he would have never probably shown up here at all.

"Thank you, but clearly, I know where I am st

, Soar was already ready to step ahead to fight at that point of time. But Ricky stopped him by sending him a signal through his eyes.

"Baron Wang, right? Let's settle this once and for all. Just to be clear. First of all, I'm not here to amuse everyone. Secondly, I mean it when I said I wanted to play in the spiritual king battlefield. And last but not the least, it seems that it's none of your business whether I'm here or not," Ricky said with a blank face as he looked straight into Baron Wang's eyes.

"So, here is my question for you. Haven't you heard of the saying which goes like a dog trying to catch mice is extremely funny?"

"What did you just say to me?!" Baron Wang asked Ricky in an angry voice. Obviously, Ricky was successful on getting on his nerves. With his anger, his momentum grew mad along with his strong and inflated body.

"In case you haven't heard it properly, I'm saying that you are the dog. Can't you understand that? You are the dog! Do you need me to repeat it one more time?" Ricky responded.

Baron Wang roared out loud upon hearing Ricky's words.

Then, a strong black aura broke out from his body and turned into a slight Ultimate Domain which was filled with power strength.

And in the blink of an eye, a giant figure of a black bear appeared inside the Ultimate Domain.

"You obnoxious clown! You will die here today!"

Baron Wang yelled out loud before he threw out his fist. Accordingly, the black bear seemed to understand its master's gesture and began to run wildly as it carried a strong power. Then, Baron Wang's fist and the black bear's met and then dashed towards Ricky quickly.

Generally, it was assumed that the fist was already powerful enough to defeat any demi-immortal of the peak level.

However, what everyone did not know was that the demi-immortal standing there was a unique one.

"Young man, show me what you are capable of. Don't you dare disappoint me," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor on the airship murmured with interest.

Meanwhile, the two spiritual kings also held their breath as they were at the edge of their seats expecting what would happen next. This would be their truth for they really did not believe that Ricky had a spiritual king's combat power as what the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor had told them.

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