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   Chapter 470 The Poor Spiritual King

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Vexed by the incessant gossiping, the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor deliberately coughed to get everyone's attention. The whispering instantly stopped. They all went still and shifted their gaze towards the old man.

"I will be presiding this recruitment competition of the Oriental College this time," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor announced unhurriedly in a loud voice. "The rule of the selection will be quite different from the past."

He paused for everyone to take in this new information and then continued, "We will have two battlefields. One for the demi-immortals and the other for the innate spiritual kings. That means that everyone can choose their battlefield accordingly."

As he concluded, he squinted his eyes and skimmed through the crowd, secretly imagining how the event would turn out.

"What?""Excuse me?" Aghast by what they recently just learned, the warriors exchanged surprised reactions. Everyone seemed bewildered. Warriors and beasts of demi-immortal, however, were thrilled.

Initially, they never thought that the Oriental College would choose anyone of demi-immortals because, as of late, numerous geniuses had sprung up. They thought that only those who were innate spiritual kings would be qualified to attend the recruitment competition.

The recent announcement of the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor was beyond anything that they could ever hope for. Not only did the Oriental College allow them to participate, but they were also considerate enough to set a separate battlefield for them! In this manner, it would be highly possible for them to be admitted by the college without having to defeat a spiritual king.

It was a struggle for the demi-immortals to gain advantage back then. In the past, all the candidates only fought in one battlefield whether they were demi-immortals or spiritual kings. As a result, almost all the fighters or beasts of demi-immortal were defeated by spiritual kings except those who were extremely extraordinary. The Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor just brought them a piece of very pleasing news.

"Ha-ha! Finally! I have a chance now! There is still hope for me to be admitted by the Oriental College!" a demi-immortal loudly exclaimed out of excitement. Other demi-immortals cheered with same sentiments.

"Ricky! This is a great chance! I'm certain that you're going to stand out and defeat everyone in the demi-immortal battlefield!" Soar animatedly whispered to Ricky.

"That is indeed great news, Soar! But I don't think you're getting the point," Ricky replied softly.

"Really? What is it then? Don't tell me you're still going to push through the spiritual king battlefield?" Soar asked, incredulous.

When there was no exclusive battlefield for the demi-immortals to contend, Soar knew Ricky would have no choice but to fight against those kings in the spiritual king battlefield. But now, it was a

in the two battlefields, respectively. Should they choose to fight in the demi-immortal battlefield or the spiritual king battlefield, I can guarantee you that they're going to be safe," Madeline Leng assured.

"Ten? No, that's not enough! Twenty for each!" Scar demanded upon hearing Madeline Leng's arrangement.

"Yes, understood. Twenty it is." Seeing how grave this was for her leader, Madeline Leng simply nodded her head in agreement. Secretly in her mind, she grew even more curious.

She, of course, heard about Ricky and Soar. From what she knew, they were the ones everyone wanted to take down. Her hall leader, on the other hand, seemed to be hell-bent on protecting these two young men, even though their organization might become an enemy to other warriors. She knew how Scar worked. He wouldn't do something that would not favor him one way or another. Which brought her to the thought: Why was he protecting them? This ordeal might cause their organization more harm than good.

'Is it because they are from an extremely powerful organization and the leader of it ordered him to protect them?' Madeline Leng ransacked her mind for possible reasons.

She was wise enough never to ask for reasons behind Scar's orders. As a subordinate, she knew what kind of behavior her hall leader disliked the most—asking him something he did not want to share.

Scar, on the other hand, was left with no other choice. Since there was a bonding contract between Ricky and him, he had no choice but to protect him no matter what. He understood that this move would gain him some enemies from other forces, but safeguarding Ricky also meant keeping himself from harm. If Ricky died, he would go down with him.

'Ahh! This is God punishing me for killing so many people from the past. I now have a bonding contact with this man to atone for all the cruel things I've done, ' Scar sighed in distress. He had never been so powerless like this before.

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