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   Chapter 469 Warriors From The Oriental College

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10097

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Whoosh! Whoosh!

Finally, the warriors from the Oriental College arrived. As everyone was staring up in the sky, two lights flashed quickly towards the dais. They were two average-sized airships that were both golden in color. In the blink of an eye, they had already arrived and stopped at the two daises.

"Did they come from the Oriental College?" some of the warriors murmured as their eyes were locked on the two airships that just landed right in front of them.

Some relatively younger warriors and beasts were especially excited. All of them were expecting that they could be admitted to the Oriental College. The most talented geniuses in the Eastern Land gathered in the college after all. Apart from that, the college owned some extremely powerful and advanced cultivation methods.

It was always highly possible for fighters or beasts who graduated from that college to become demi-spiritual emperors in the future. That was why the Oriental College was so attractive to the most talented warriors and beasts in the Eastern Land. Without a doubt, every time the college was about to begin its recruiting process, numerous people would come and give it a shot.

The next moment, a group of young warriors walked out of the two airships. They were all innate spiritual kings. Judging by the aura they all emitted, they must be at least middle spiritual kings.

The moment those young warriors stepped out and showed themselves, everyone turned their eyes to them. Their strong auras stood out so much that no one could move their eyes away from them.

Among those young warriors, some were obviously arrogant, some seemed nice, while some seemed to be very distant. They were different in terms of their personalities.

Two middle-aged warriors walked out shortly after.

It seemed that the two fighters did not give out any auras or momentums at all; they both seemed like two ordinary people. But the truth was that they had perfectly mixed their strength and aura into the air to the point that they could no longer be detected. Only the completed spiritual kings were capable of executing such techniques. Every warrior in the area knew well about it too.

If you concentrated hard enough to feel their momentums carefully, you would definitely sense the invisible pressure emitting from their bodies. The rule of "less was more" was applicable for them when it came to their strength.

"They are the Array-shattering Spiritual King and the Skyward Sword Spiritual King! Oh my goodness. I never expected that they would come here! Do you know how powerful they are? They are completed spiritual kings of the peak level!" someone exclaimed in surprise.

"Yes, you are absolutely right! None of us anticipated this! It seems that the Oriental College is treating this recruitment process with great importance by sending such powerful warriors," another one echoed. The crowd began to whisper among themselves.

Upon seeing the two spiritual kings, the completed spiritual kings from the

eputy dean of the Oriental College?" some relatively old innate spiritual king shouted in surprise when he realized who the old man was. There was apparent disbelief in his eyes.

"Wait, what?"


The crowd was stirred by the shocking news when they learned who the old man was.

"That man is the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor!? What is he doing here?" some spiritual king beast also exclaimed in excitement. Their juniors also became extremely thrilled.

The Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor was a spiritual beast. No wonder the beasts grew excited because they were of the same kind.

Among the crowd, two people wearing cloaks stood there calmly. One of them said in a low voice to the other, "The deputy dean of the college came here for the recruitment! It seems that the Oriental College really wants to make sure that the selection competition goes really well this time! Is it only because of the rumor that there would be a lot of geniuses?"

"Well, we won't be able to tell for now," another man replied. "Here is one problem, Ricky! It is highly possible that they only plan on recruiting those innate spirits. You have not reached that yet. I'm afraid you would have to use the jade tablet Chief Zenith gave to you."

They were none other than Ricky and Soar.

As for Tina, they left her in the Chaotic Fire Zone.

"I don't want to use it that much. Now that this is a selection competition, I want to prove my potential through my real strength. I'm sure the Oriental College would not refuse a real genius just because that genius is not an innate spirit. If that's how they think, I would be extremely disappointed," Ricky responded.

"Ha-ha. It all seems to me that you have already prepared well for it!" Soar said before he burst into laughter when he heard Ricky's confident claim. "I'm definitely looking forward to your performance."

"I can't wait to it either!" Ricky said in a low voice. The powerful self-confidence on his face could not be denied.

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