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   Chapter 468 The Selection Competition Was Coming

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10829

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Right after he swallowed the Regenerating Grass, Ricky then immediately activated his devouring rune to break down and digest the vital energy that was lodged in the grass. Afterwards, he channeled the energy into every part of his body to eradicate the after-effects.

The Regenerating Grass, however, was a King-level Treasure from Heaven and Earth which contained thick vital energy. It was said to be the best cure to manage and treat those kinds of after-effects. The last time that Ricky had taken a Regenerating Grass, he had utilized all the vital energy to restore his fatigue, which left him with zero energy to deal with the after-effects. If he had not done this, then he would have not completely recovered from the supposed after-effects.

Living up to its fame, the Regenerating Grass did an outstanding job of helping Ricky recover in just three days.

Aside from the great quality and treatment from the grass, Ricky's recovery, however, would not be possible if it weren't for his strong body.

After his recuperation, he then started to refine his incomplete innate power.

His body hosted about thirty percent of incomplete innate power. With this, his next goal was to transfer all the power in his body into incomplete innate power.

Normally, it was extremely difficult for any ordinary warrior to successfully pull that off. But Ricky was different for he was, in fact, an extraordinary warrior. And to him, this process would be a piece of cake.

There were two reasons for saying that Ricky could do it easily. The first reason would be that he had already owned three zones for quite a long time, making him proficient with it. This meant that he had already comprehended the innate power similar to the level of comprehension of an innate warrior. With his confidence, he even thought that he could challenge and survive the Thunderstroke Doom.

The second reason would be that he was already accustomed and had already known and understood the enlightening power. This would then make it easier for him to transfer his power into incomplete innate power.

That was why Ricky might be capable of gathering one hundred percent of incomplete power directly and quickly.

With determination and focus, Ricky then took a deep breath and started his cultivation at once.

Immediately, he was given a hint by the Source of Golden Body. It reminded him that there would always be an energy source for a living creature and that his energy source was obviously from his regained spiritual meridian.

As a matter of fact, all of his power originated from his special spiritual meridian.

After learning this important piece of information, Ricky then decided to start cultivating with the radical energy that was embedded in his spiritual meridian.

In total, it took him ten days to transform all the radical energy into the incomplete innate power.

This, however, was already perceived as a short time to do such a task.

After he had successfully transformed his power in the regained spiritual meridian into the incomplete innate power, he had spent another whole day to allocate all the incomplete innate power into every part of his body. He did this in order to acclimatize his body to the

s, it was also the talk of the town that the spiritual space tool that they had won during the action had gone missing.

It was such a great loss for the Golden Leopard Valley. Not only did they lose their men, but they also lost a huge amount of money.

The leader of the Golden Leopard Valley, Hugo Jin, initiated a search team to look for the murderer. However, no matter where they went, they failed to get any clue about who the murderer was. Hugo Jin was so angry that he vented his anger out on those weak and small organizations and forces by finding fault with them from time to time. Everyone was anxious for Hugo Jin breathed down on their necks. The situation was such a mess that none of them would like to keep in contact with the Golden Leopard Valley at all.

The more shocking fact was that the three men, Ricky, Soar, and Tina, just disappeared out of thin air and were nowhere to be seen. Those strong organizations had also searched for them day in and night out at every corner of the Oriental City and near the Oriental Mountains. But to their dismay, not a single trace of them was found.

Meanwhile, time passed by so fast that it was almost time for the recruitment competition of the Oriental College.

It was during that day when all the warriors shifted their attention to the center of the Oriental City. All of them were more concerned about the incoming competition. After all, that was the reason why they came here.

Two high daises stood in the center. Everything was almost back to normal as they were still as untouchable as ever. The central area of the city was the territory of the Oriental College, and only a few people had the opportunity to visit it.

But things were different that day. Numerous people gathered around the two daises. Everyone heard that warriors from the Oriental College would be soon arriving. All of the people present in the area were just so desperate to have a look at the powerful fighters from that college. All of them were excited, as they were expecting to participate in or witness the selection competition through which the new geniuses would be identified by the college.

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