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   Chapter 467 Practicing Harder To Grow Strong

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Ricky was happy that Soar complained for him. He decided to share what he had done to the Pounding Skills he gave to Pearl. Judging by the grin on his face, it was easy to tell that he had done something really tricky.

"What exactly do you mean, Ricky? We don't get it," Soar asked in surprise as he exchanged looks with Tina. It was obvious that she was also quite confused.

"They are my skills and of course I know them very well. When I wrote them down on the pieces of paper, I changed some of the contents deliberately," Ricky explained.

"The changes I did could be hardly detected. Even a casting master at the advanced stage of the Spirit Level would have trouble recognizing them."

"Wow! That is very surprising!" Soar and Tina both exclaimed in shock as they learned about what he did. Surprise seized them for a long time before they were able to calm down.

"Ricky, let me just ask you this one thing. Did you anticipate that the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce was not trustworthy to begin with?" Soar asked in curiosity.

"No, my dear friend, of course not. It just that my gut feeling told me to make some random changes to prevent terrible things from happening," Ricky replied. "If they decide to keep their word and behave virtuously, I would tell them about what I did later when I get the chance.

But you've seen what they did. They sent killers to hunt and reacquire the treasures they auctioned off, which indicates that I should never really tell them anything. All they have are two incorrect Pounding Skills."

A glint of cruelty appeared in his eyes as he stated. He was no longer the same innocent young man after all the terrible things that had happened to him. Betrayal had taught him to stay on guard at all times.

In this jungle of a world, you had to be crueler than your enemies to overcome them. Showing mercy to them meant committing suicide. Ricky had learned this lesson after everything he went through.

"You know what? I'm starting to admire you more and more," Soar sighed.

Ricky was courageous and smart. He was also a genius in his cultivation. Apart from that, he was strong-willed and was always determined to achieve his goals. Soar liked his character and was beginning to admire him a lot more.

"How much are the revised Pounding Skills worth then?" Curiosity drove Soar to ask once again.

"Since they could only be used by a casting master at the intermediate stage of the Spirit Level, their value should be very little compared to their original versions," Ricky replied as he laughed.

"According to my past experiences, they could be worth about four million gold coins at the most. I'm very curious about how the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce would react once they realize it." Soar couldn't help but laugh as well.

Tina stared at Ricky with her eyes unmoved. There was an

objectives. The first one was that he wanted to improve himself to the highest level of the demi-immortal. The other one was that he was determined to refine the egg and successfully extend his golden body to the first level of Ultimate Golden Body.

He did all of this in order to prepare himself in becoming an innate spirit.

He had hesitated to improve his combat power to the Innate Spirit Level in the past. But recently, he finally made up his mind to do this once and for all! Considering the fact that he had already reached the peak of the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, he was confident that he could make it this time.

What was more, he owned three types of runic power! If he could not do this with so many advantages, it would only be a waste for him to own a regained spiritual meridian.

'I will soon gain the combat power at the Innate Spirit Level!' He hunkered down and grew excited at the thought of getting stronger before he started his cultivation.

He had turned into a very weak warrior when his spiritual meridian was destroyed. But now, he was a demi-immortal. Countless surprising and lucky accidents happened to him. He had suffered from so much that he also underwent multiple changes to get to where he was now.

When the excitement faded, Ricky was able to calm down. He then took a deep breath and was ready to start the cultivation.

Before he proceeded with his next step, there was one more thing that he had to do. He must deal with the after-effects he gained while he was in the Fortune Land.

Without any hesitation, he took out the last Regenerating Grass he had.

He was going to use the grass to cure himself completely. It was a little bit wasteful to consume a Regenerating Grass to help him recover. But it was necessary in order to prepare himself well and to make sure that he would improve his combat power to the Innate Spirit Level.

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