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   Chapter 466 Ricky's Secret Thought

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10314

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You could never truly blame the Scar King for feeling depressed. Anyone who was being controlled by another person would feel uneasy and annoyed. And besides, no one wanted to be treated like that in the first place.

He was a powerful completed spiritual king, in fact. Or at least, he used to be. But now, he had another identity—a demi-immortal's servant! How could he be happy in dealing with this fact?

However, it was already too late to change anything for the die was already cast. There was nothing he could do now, but to accept his fate. Once the bonding contract was successfully made into an agreement, it could not be terminated. However, the contract could only be terminated if the master voluntarily terminated the contract, or if the servant gained the supreme enlightenment. But now, those options were far-fetched because he knew that those situations would never happen to him.

At that moment, the Scar King wished and thought of killing Ricky, Doris, and everyone he would touch to vent out his anger. But unfortunately, he knew well enough that he was no match for Doris. Meanwhile, at the back of his mind, he prayed that Ricky would treat him nicely in the future.

He had also vowed to protect Ricky so that he could keep his master safe. After all, any servant was obliged to do that. His only goal was to keep Ricky alive and safe from harm and protect him with his life. There would be consequences if he failed to do so.

Upon hearing the Scar King's words, Ricky, Soar, and Tina became excited. Initially, they had only wished to protect themselves by releasing Doris' spiritual hologram from the airship. At that moment, they only wanted to jeopardize and startle the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce and the other forces. But they had never anticipated that Doris would be of so much help to them that they had a completed spiritual king as their servant.

"Thank you so much for all your help, Doris," Ricky said to the spiritual hologram the moment he had the chance to.

"Tina is with you now. Protecting you means protecting her. It's my pleasure," Doris said as a smile rested on her face.

"All right! That should be it for now! This spiritual hologram is going to rest and sleep again. Pay close attention as you only have your last chance to wake it up again. Summon it only when it's necessary. I'm not so worried about your safety now that you have a complete spiritual king by your side to protect you. And more than that, I am relieved that you are now in good hands. You cannot be easily hurt in this place from now on,"

Doris said as she gave her last piece of advice to the group. After Doris' spiritual hologram finished her final words, it then entered the airship and became dormant. Then, the airship swooped and entered Tina's body.

After that, they all took a glance at the Scar King.

But as they looked at the Scar King, all they saw was his furrowed eyebrows, along with his unhappy and upsetting face.

"Ha-ha! What happened to you? Just a few moments ago you were so arrogant and obnoxious! What about now?

utation in the Oriental Realm with a lot of money to snatch the items that they auction off. That's their tradition," Scar replied.

"Oh, I got it! So if I got this correctly, they hire many completed spiritual kings. So does that mean that you are not their only killer?" Ricky asked again to confirm his understanding.

"Yes. As far as I know, there are about five completed spiritual kings and ten upper spiritual kings that they often hire as killers. But if they auction off something very precious, it might be their demi-spiritual emperor who would do it himself," Scar replied.

"Humph! Most people think that the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce is so righteous, and that they are so innocent! What people don't know is that no matter what items the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce sold, they would eventually go back to that wretched company sooner or later!"

Scar exclaimed.

"But what if it doesn't go as planned? How would the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce deal with you if you fail to complete your task?" Ricky asked as curiosity streamed his eyes.

"If I failed to do as I was told, then they would ask me about the reason why I failed. Then, they would demand me to return their money back," Scar replied. "They usually would not do terrible things. If that were the case, then no one would cooperate with them.

What's more, they've already made a good fortune through the auction. That made them so generous when it came to our compensation,"

Scar explained while Ricky nodded his head as he understood his servant's words. Now, Ricky had nothing to worry about Scar anymore. If the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce would do something to punish Scar, then Scar would definitely be in trouble if he wanted to go back to them.

"Ricky, how could they be so crooked? Argh! You should have only given them one Pounding Skill!" Soar exclaimed as he burst out in anger.

"Do you really think that I gave my Pounding Skills to Pearl without making any change?" Ricky said as his mouth curled upward to give them a grimaced smile.

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