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   Chapter 465 A Completed Spiritual King Became A Servant

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10020

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"Don't worry so much about it, though. You can still breathe for a few more moments before I smash you into the ground like the bug. Someone really wants to see you guys, so just come with me and there won't be any trouble. If you're good for me, I'll do you a favor and kill you in one strike so that you won't have to suffer,"

the Scar King said with a sneer.

"Someone wants to see us? Is that person from the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce?" Ricky asked as he grinned widely back at him.

"You don't need to know who it is. You will know him when you see him. The more you know, the sooner I'll have to kill you, after all," the Scar King said grimly before he laughed darkly at Ricky.

"The thing is we're not going to be going anywhere with you," Soar cut in contemptuously at that point in time.

"Ha-ha, you are just a couple of kids. How dare you refuse an order from me? You'll do what I say if you know what's good for you. You have no idea who I am or how well known I am around the Oriental Realm, do you?" The man was not really irritated by Soar's words. Instead, he felt like their rude behavior was quite funny to hear from a couple of much weaker men. He could not help bursting into laughter at them.

"We don't give it a shit about how powerful you are. Your power is none of our business anyway. Now that we've said that we're not going to leave with you, it's safe to say that you can't force us to do anything," Ricky responded.

"You don't have the final say in anything that I do! I'm determined to take you with me whether you like it or not," the Scar King said calmly with an arrogant note in his voice.

He decided not to keep trying to argue with them anymore. Judging from their attitudes, the Scar King realized that they would not be well behaved, and they would not go with him easily. Immediately, his bloody spiritual energy gathered together and formed a large hand. The hand shot towards Ricky and Soar as soon as it formed.

Right then, Ricky let Tina out of his Chaotic Fire Zone. Tina stood between the two parties as the attack loomed toward Ricky and Soar.

"Oh? A woman? Are you going to get her to fight against me too? Or are you sending such a beautiful woman towards me as some sort of offering or distraction?" The Scar King's eyes lit up at once when he looked at Tina. A look of greed covered his face as he considered her.

He stretched his arm out, trying to touch Tina. Something unexpected happened right before the man's hand reached her. An incredible strength gushed out of Tina. Afterwards, a large airship jetted out from inside her body. It was the same airship that they had ridden in to get to the city.

The ship released a powerful force brought on by the array that was deployed on it. It immediately defeated the Scar King's bloody attack.

"How can this even be possible?!" he blurted out in shock as he watched the scene unfold before him.

Soon, his demeanor changed and he became even more excited.

! Please, don't kill me!" He immediately began to beg her again.

"Don't worry. I won't kill you! I just want to you to do me a favor and protect my friends while they are here," Doris said gently.

Immediately, the spiritual energy exuded by the cage and entered the Scar King's mind. The king immediately howled in anguish at the sensation.

Before long, Doris' power began to pour out of the man. A small orb of black light flew out of him, representing her power.

She manipulated her power and sent the black light into Ricky's Soul Sea.

Ricky felt a telepathic link with the Scar King in an instant. He seemed to know everything the man was thinking.

The scarred man's brows furrowed immediately on the other hand. His pupils became narrowed into slits. Apparently, he felt the telepathic link too. He became very desperate after that moment.

"This...this is a contract! The type of contract signed between a master and a servant! A bonding contract!" he howled in anguish, unwilling to accept his fate.

What was done was done, however. There was no way that he could pull himself out of the contract after it had been sealed. "I'm kind of surprised that you were able to recognize it. I never expected that you, as a spiritual king, would know anything about such a contract. That's good though! Now I don't need to waste my time explaining it all to you. I'm sure you've figured out the special relationship between you and Ricky by now," Doris said in pleasant surprise upon hearing what the man had said.

"Yes, I know what it is!" the Scar King replied in a hateful voice.

"From now on, he is my master and I am his servant! I will have to do everything he orders me to do even if it may cost my life! He will not even be affected negatively if I die."

Crack! Crack! Crack! While he was speaking, he clenched his fists so firmly that the bones in his hands grounded together painfully. Obviously, he was very unhappy about the contract being put into effect.

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