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   Chapter 464 The Spiritual King With A Scar On His Face

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"Robert! Elder Robert! Where are you? Get out here now! Are you really going to watch me die here?" the young master screamed out loud desperately, begging the man he was calling out for to show up and save him. He did not have the energy to care about his decency anymore.

"Ah, you are so useless!" someone sighed in disappointment the moment the young master finished crying out.

Then, an old man appeared in the air out of nowhere. He cast a disappointed glance at the young master before he turned to attack Ricky.

His enlightening power mixed with the spiritual energy and transformed into a golden hand. It then made a dive toward the Massacring Golden Palm. It seemed that it was determined to tear Ricky and his strike into pieces.

"Great! I've been waiting for you, old man!"

Ricky exclaimed when he saw the old man who was called Robert.

Ricky was sure that the young master and the old man following him were not the only men that the Golden Leopard Valley had sent out. What was more important was that Pearl also had reminded him to be careful. He trusted Pearl in that situation.

Ricky had already anticipated dealing with more enemies. He knew that someone else would eventually show up.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Right at that moment, a dewy orb shot out from the Massacring Golden Palm. It was none other than the energy orb Doris had given to him.

Boom! Boom! The moment the energy orb flew out, it immediately exploded. The energy released by the orb engulfed Elder Robert completely before it engulfed everything else in his surroundings.

"Ouch!" Then, a dreadful ululation echoed throughout the sky.

Ricky, on the other hand, did not let himself be bothered by the miserable howl. He had enough confidence in the power of the orb. He was certain that the old man would either be killed, or be badly injured after he was attacked by the energy orb. The orb was powerful enough to hurt any upper spiritual king, after all.

"It seems that no one will come and save you after all, young master," Ricky claimed in a cold voice in the aftermath of the orb's destructive force.

"No! No! You can't kill me! My father is a powerful completed emperor and he..."

Boom! Boom! Before the young master could finish what he was saying, the Massacring Golden Palm had already reached him and slammed forcefully into the ground, leaving a deep pit where the young master had been.

Then, the golden light faded gradually. Ricky summoned a pair of wings transformed by spiritual energy and appeared in the air, floating above the scene. Looking at the pit in the ground, he could vaguely see that the young master had already been smashed into the pit.

"No! Young master! Elder Robert!" the old man, who was fighting against Soar nearby, cried out in grief when he noticed what had just happened to his companions.

Despite his dramatic reaction, he did not actually care about whether the young master was died or not very much

of Commerce.

"Ricky, he is a completed spiritual king! The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce is so powerful that they have sent a completed spiritual king!" Soar sent a message to Ricky via telepathy.

"Maybe they believe that a completed spiritual king is the only one that would be able to finish this task," Ricky responded cockily.

At the same time, Elder Robert, the man from the Golden Leopard Valley who had been seriously hurt, was grasped by the neck by the strange man.

" are the Scar King!" Elder Robert stammered out the man's identity in a trembling voice. He had already lost all his combat power by that point.

"Humph! Elder Robert, you are the third ranking elder of the Golden Leopard Valley, right? You were beaten so terribly by two young men. It seems that you've already become a useless old man now. Well, a useless old man is not worthy of being left alive. I'll just do your leader a favor and kill you, since you're such a loser," the Scar King sneered.

Crack! In the next moment, he had wrung Elder Robert's neck without any hesitation. Elder Robert was killed in an instant, and his body fell to the ground.

" killed him!" the old man exclaimed in fear upon seeing what had just happened.

Then, he immediately tore a portal in the space, trying to escape.

A lower spiritual king, who would soon enter the deterioration stage, was definitely not a match for a completed spiritual king, however.

Before the old man could successfully make a move to go through the portal, he was grabbed by a big hand.

Ricky and Soar did not feel any shock at all about what had just happened in front of them. They knew that the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce would not leave anyone alive if they decided to send out a completed spiritual king to come after them.

The Scar King turned around after he was done dealing with the old man and spoke to Soar and Ricky with a murderous smile. He said, "It's your turn now."

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