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   Chapter 463 The Young Master Came

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9436

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The Oriental Mountains were very large and extended for thousands of miles. But as the spectacular scenery blossomed with a multifold of majestic trees, numerous dangers were also prevalent in the area.

Meanwhile, deep in the mountains, Ricky and Soar had finally arrived safe and sound. Despite the fact that Soar had already become an innate spiritual king, they decided not to go further into the mountains. This was due to the countless powerful spiritual beasts that inhabited the area. Among them were the spiritual king beasts and emperor beasts.

"Ricky, are you sure he'll come to meet us?" Soar asked.

"Yes, I'm certain. In fact, I'm one hundred percent sure that he'll show up. And you know what? I'm sure he will not tell any people about it. After all, he's greedy and arrogant," Ricky replied and grinned.

"Oh, wait. Here he comes!"

Before his voice could fade away, Soar and Ricky saw two shadows rushing towards them. And in an instant, the shadows swooped over their heads and landed in front of them. Upon taking a closer look at the figures, they finally had a full recognition of who they were—the young master and the old man of the Golden Leopard Valley.

"Hello, bastards! So brave of you to leave that message after you have escaped our clutches. How dare you demand me to come here and meet you? Are you asking for a painful death?" the young master roared hatefully at the sight of Ricky and Soar.

But apart from his threatening words, he also projected excitement out of his voice. In his mind, he was positive that he would be able to defeat Ricky and Soar and take back what they took away from him—the egg, the skeleton, and everything else. If he would succeed in doing so, then he would have so much fortune!

The old man, on the other hand, had his brows furrowed and wore a serious expression. This was because as the young man and the two warriors were bickering, he secretly released his power to check if Ricky and Soar had planned anything suspicious. And after a few moments of examining, he then finally took a sigh of relief as he confirmed that Soar and Ricky came alone.

"So, I see that you want to take something from me, right? While we know your intentions, I'm also very interested in the object you have! Isn't this a perfect idea for us to meet here?" Ricky replied as a smirk formed on his face.

"Ha-ha! You are just a bunch of reckless children! The audacity! What gave you the courage to think about snatching something from me?" the young master replied coldly upon hearing Ricky's arrogant claim. Disdain formed on his face as his blood boiled with anger.

Boom! Boom!

It was not long after the young master's golden vigor broke out. His power was at the peak of demi-immortal. Ricky could confirm from his momentum that this young master was d

reat! That's exactly what I'm thinking about! Let's just finish all of this once and for all! I'm starting to feel bored fighting with you, you know?" Ricky said in a leisurely tone as he saw the young master had already shown the peak of his powerful skill.

During their entire fight, never had Ricky thought that he would ever need to exert all of his strength in battling against the young master.

Ricky had originally planned to test his own limits first before fighting with the young master. But now that it had turned into such a long fight, he had planned differently. He decided to change his mind and finish the fight as soon as possible.

"The Omnipotent Skill—the Massacring Golden Palm!" As Ricky Summoned the skill, the Massacring Skill was activated in an instant. Immediately, massacring runes spread all over his body. This then turned his body into a big palm which dashed towards the young man mercilessly.

Clang! Clang!

Ricky's Massacring Golden Palm and the young master's Golden Spear collided, which sent rippled sounds of clanging metals to echo from where they stood.

But to the young master's dismay, his spear did not stand a chance against Ricky's powerful golden palm. And inch by inch, cracks started to form and weaken the whole spear.

And with the spear's every crack, the young master's energy slowly disappeared. It was not long after that the entire spear was reduced to rubble which was blown up like dust into the air.

The young master had never expected such an unbelievable loss from a fight. With despair crippling his soul, he dropped his knees to the ground.

Ricky, on the other hand, did not care about whether the young master was desperate or not. He knew mercy would not give him a win. He then commanded his final blow. And in seconds, his palm ran quickly to the young man, intending to smash him into pieces.

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