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   Chapter 462 Everyone Was Confused

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As soon as they left, Ricky channeled his Chaotic Fire Zone and engulfed Soar and Tina with him.

Numerous warriors from influential organizations were lurking outside, waiting to pounce on Ricky once they grabbed the chance. Ricky was acquainted with the situation, and he was not a fool who would walk right into the trap. He knew that dealing with them through combat would be a waste of time.

"Ha-ha! I'm dying to know what they would do once they realize that we've already left," Soar happily burst out in the Chaotic Fire Zone.

"It would have been nice to live here for a while so I could know this city better. It would give me an idea about the forces around here. But judging by the situation around, I think we should stay in the Chaotic Fire Zone until the selection competition is held," Ricky explained.

"This zone is filled with fire but it's tolerable," Tina observed as she nodded her head in agreement.

Ricky suddenly thought of Vito when they left the palace. He took out the thing Vito left on his collar when he tapped his shoulders. It was a small crumpled piece of paper. It wrote, "Beware of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce and the two items you got from them." The handwriting was crooked and messy, giving the impression that the message was written in haste.

"What's that, Ricky? Who gave it to you? What does it say?" Soar bombarded Ricky with a series of questions before Ricky could answer any of them. He was obviously intrigued by the piece of paper. Tina was just as curious as Soar was. None of them expected a letter after the odd exchange they experienced from the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce.

"Vito handed it to me before we left," Ricky answered as he eyed the paper with both suspicion and interest.

Now more wary with his surroundings, he circled the flaming spiritual energy and burnt the paper into ashes.

"Vito gave it to you? Something's definitely amiss," Soar exclaimed. Both Soar and Tina thought it odd for Vito to leave a warning for them.

Ricky took out the spear with fire attribute, the egg, and the skeleton.

He instantly activated his Devouring Skill. The devouring rune spread over the three items. As a result, Ricky felt something was off on the three objects that they brought from the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce.

He detected the concealed powerful marks all over them.

Needless to say, those marks must be left by them. Through those marks, they could easily know their whereabouts.

Ricky's face grew dim, and the expression in his eyes became darker. It was ruthless and selfish of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce to mark the items they already auctioned off. They were not allowing anyone to have full own

s long as we show up, he will come to us on his own accord," Ricky scoffed.

When Ricky, Soar, and Tina were discussing their next plan inside the Chaotic Fire Zone, everyone outside was puzzled. No matter how hard they searched for them, no one could find them. It felt they simply vanished from this world.

Those warriors had suspected that they were still inside the palace of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. But they immediately dismissed this idea.

Some people bribed some maids who worked for the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce and they were told that Ricky and his friends had already left.

Even Pearl and Elder Ong didn't have any idea where they went in the next few days. They were perplexed, and this made them even angrier. They thought they had everything in control thanks to the marks they left secretly on those items. But still, no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to sense the marks.

"Is there really a spiritual emperor helping you secretly, Ricky?" Pearl fumed inside the palace of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. There was a glint of killing intent flashed through her eyes. It was more murderous and fiercer than that of a male warrior.

While everyone was busying search for them, Ricky, Soar, and Tina had already arrived at the place where the young master and the old man of the Golden Leopard Valley lived.

Ricky secretly wrote down a message on a piece of paper and left it in their room. It read, "We will see you in the east of the Oriental City."

Then, Ricky manipulated the Chaotic Fire Zone and proceeded to go to where he should be next.

'You are going to lose a young master and a lower spiritual king, the Golden Leopard Valley!' Ricky vowed, his heart set on defeating them after the arrogant display he received from the auction.

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