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   Chapter 460 His Mysterious Skill Shocked Everyone

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The power of the Golden Enlightening was so pure that it was comparable to the massacring power embedded in his Massacring Zone.

The three of them noticed the golden egg inside the box. The egg, as big as two fists, was shining brightly. It was definitely the egg of a holy beast.

Ricky activated the power of his three zones to test how powerful the egg was.

As expected, he felt the Golden Enlightening in the egg. However, the breath of life from the egg was not strong.

'It's true. It is indeed the egg of a holy beast!' Ricky thought. 'But probably there is less than ten percent of chance for the egg being hatched successfully.

It is barely alive and its breath of life could be hardly felt. Even if I put it into the Massacring Zone, there's still a chance that it won't survive. The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce sold a useless item! They may not be a trustworthy organization after all."

Despite this, Ricky understood. He simply banished these thoughts off. He knew that in this jungle-like world, only the fittest survive. The benefits mattered the most, and integrity was the least important.

Besides, all Ricky ever wanted was the power the egg contained. It did not matter if the egg could be hatched successfully or not.

"Thank you, Pearl," Ricky said as soon as he was done inspecting the egg. He put it into his Chaotic Fire Zone for its safety.

Pearl nodded in response and summoned her maids once more. She clapped her hands, and four of them appeared carrying a glass tank. Inside it was the skeleton of a spiritual emperor.

"This is the skeleton of a spiritual emperor. Please show us your money to exchange for it," Pearl said, the smile on her face never leaving.

"Of course! But before I show it to you, can I request something?" Ricky asked.

"Oh? What would that be? I'm all ears," she responded.

"Thank you, Pearl, for giving me the chance to express myself. I'm sure as a powerful organization, the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce must have a casting master of Spirit Level. I'm afraid only a casting master of Spirit Level is able to estimate the real value of the thing I'm going to show you. And a casting master at the advanced stage of Spirit Level would be more ideal. So..." Ricky lamented as he broke into a small smile.

"Is that so?" Pearl was surprised by Ricky's revelation.

He was requesting the presence of a casting master at the advanced stage of Spiritual Level to value the treasure he owned. He was either exaggerating or he really owned a priceless treasure.

"Casting masters at the advanced stage of Spirit Level are very rare. And on top of it, I seldom have chances to contact them. But we do have a

shed comprehending, he blurted out in surprise, "They are absolutely abstruse and wonderful! I have lived for hundreds of years and this is my first time to see such deep Pounding Skills."

Then, he turned to face Pearl and exclaimed, "Pearl, these two Pounding Skills are extremely precious and priceless to any casting master of Spirit Level or even a casting master of Demi-sage Level!"

Elder Ong wished he could have them for himself. If he did, improving his casting skills would be a breeze. He could reach a higher level in a short period of time.

"What? Are they really that valuable?" Pearl was flabbergasted. She knew that the Pounding Skills could be valuable but she hadn't realized that it was this much. If what Elder Ong said was accurate, then the two Pounding Skills would be worth more than seven million gold coins.

She thought the Pounding Skills that could appeal to a casting master of Demi-sage Level could not be estimated in gold coins. It would be priceless.

Vito, like the rest of them, was stunned as well.

Tina was just as astonished as everyone. It finally dawned on her the lengths what Ricky would go through for her. The Pounding Skills were of incalculable worth. Despite knowing so, Ricky decided to give them to Pearl in exchange for the skeleton.

"Pearl, I'm sure by now you know how valuable these Pounding Skills are. I believe it's time for us to examine the skeleton," Ricky suggested, breaking the astonished silence of everyone present. Before Pearl could respond, he waved his hand and his spiritual energy turned into a big hand. It then took the glass tank from the maids and returned to Ricky.

Putting the tank beside Tina, Ricky found that she started to breathe quickly. Then he put the skeleton into his Chaotic Fire Zone.

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