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   Chapter 459 A Mysterious Young Woman

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"Seven million gold coins!"

An audible gasp went around the hall as soon as Ricky declared such an exorbitant amount. The room fell silent after. The audience scoured for the source of such a bold declaration.

Their eyes fell on Ricky, Soar, and Tina. The people stood wide-eyed and silent, trying to decipher what was going to happen next. Seven million gold coins were too good to be true; they must have misheard the absurd amount—but they didn't. All of them wondered where these people came from. How could they be so affluent?

They were confident that they did hear seven million gold coins, not five nor six.

Vito was left speechless. He had been worried that the item's price might fall around four million gold coins. Five million gold coins was his target. But seven million gold coins? He was beyond elated to Ricky's unexpected move. He couldn't stop his face from grinning ear to ear.

Everybody was familiar with his affinity for money. Rubbing elbows with rich people was one of his favorite things to do.

Inside the private room, on the other hand, both Soar and Tina were just as surprised as everyone by Ricky's quoted price. As soon as they saw the serious look and the confidence Ricky was donning, they did not dare ask any further.

Soar was now more curious than ever about the mysterious thing Ricky had. What could it be that could make Ricky bid such a high price?

Tina was brimming with tenderness. There was this longing and yearning for Ricky that was finally being returned. Her heart was beating faster as she softly thought to herself, 'Maybe his heart is not fully set on Grace just yet. Maybe I still have a chance to win him over. He wouldn't have quoted seven million gold coins if he weren't enamored with me.'

Tina had such a deep affection for Ricky that she would not mind if he chose both her and Grace. She would be satisfied as long as he loved her.

This was the martial world. Geniuses, strong warriors, and especially those with unique skills and charm could make more than one woman fall for them.

Tina was born in a substantial family with strong men.

She knew well about that.

"Seven million gold coins! Seven million! Young master, I'm afraid we messed up powerful people!" the old man from the Golden Leopard Valley announced to his young master, his voice quaking.

"So what if they can shell out seven million gold coins? That doesn't daunt me in the least. Are they really from a powerful organization? Maybe he was just fortunate enough to find some expensive valuable things by chance!" the young master shot back through gritted t

me the chance to see you," Pearl greeted them in a relatively arrogant tone.

Ricky frowned when he detected the hint of arrogance in her voice. He had this gut feeling that Pearl probably was not a kind woman.

"My name is Ricky Nan!"

"My name is Soar Long!"

"My name is Tina Lian!" They introduced themselves one by one.

Hearing their names, Pearl lowered her head and thought for a while, trying to remember whether she had heard any of their last names.

"Tina Lian, a beautiful name," Pearl said softly with a smile.

Tina smiled back and nodded.

"Pearl, may I have a look at the items we just won?" Ricky had no intentions of having any of his time wasted. He wanted to take his trophies and leave this place as soon as possible.

"Sure. They are on the way now," Pear said with a smile. She then clapped her hands slightly.

A maid came in clutching an average-sized box in her hands.

"This is the egg you won. Please show us your money. If my memory serves me right, you are going to pay two point two million gold coins," Pearl said, the smile still resting on her face.

"Yes!" Ricky nodded and then took out two storage bags.

"In this storage bag there are one point eight million gold coins. And in another storage bag, there are weapons and Treasures from Heaven and Earth worth four hundred thousand gold coins!"

Pearl sent a signal to Vito.

Vito approached Ricky and took the storage bags from him to inspect its contents. He released his mind into the bags to calculate the total gold coins.

About fifteen minutes later, Vito nodded to Pearl.

Pearl then beckoned the maid. The maid then opened the box. Immediately, the aura containing Golden Enlightening pervaded the surroundings.

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