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   Chapter 458 The White-hot Bidding Competition

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"Four million gold coins!"

When the bid was called out, everyone in the hall turned silent again. It shocked everyone. All the warriors dropped their jaws and found that they could not make a sound. They were totally seized by surprise. Even Vito, who had remained calm the whole time, was stunned by such a price.

They turned their eyes to the owner of the voice, trying to identify the courageous and rich guy who had just increased the price from three million to four million in just one bid. It was a very courageous decision.

"Ricky! Are you out of your mind? Are you sure that the thing you have is really worth four million gold coins? I'm worried about this!" Soar and Tina asked Ricky in surprise. Both of them were shocked by Ricky's bid too. It would take a long time for them to digest the news.

Immediately, Soar sent him a message through telepathy and said, "Ricky, I know you have the Chaotic Fire Zone and that you are not afraid of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. They have a spiritual emperor though! The emperor must be extremely powerful too! I'm afraid that, if you can't pay this price, they will hunt you no matter where you go next."

"Take it easy, guys. I would have never called out that bid if I was not sure about what I was doing," Ricky replied with confident eyes. "I'm one hundred percent sure that the final price of this skeleton will exceed four million, and that it may even reach five million. So, why can't I just increase the price to four million directly? I don't want to waste time."

"I admire you so much, Ricky! You are so courageous and decisive. Maybe that's the reason why I chose you to be my closest friend!" Soar responded with admiration in his eyes.

Tina, on the other hand, liked Ricky even more. There was affection in her eyes. She had encountered many geniuses in the past, but Ricky was the very first one whom she found so courageous and charming.

There might be many people who were willing to spend four million gold coins for Tina, but they were definitely not as sweet as Ricky. Tina was sure of that.

Tina had feelings for Ricky. After hearing him call out the bid of four million gold coins in order to win the skeleton she needed, Tina loved him even more. There was no way she could resist his charm.

"Oh, it's them! It's the three guys who won the egg!" The throng began to whisper to each other in excitement.

"Are they out of their minds? They've already spent so much money on the egg. How can they still have four million gold coins?"

"They probably don't know the rules of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce very well. They never let anyone use credit," another warrior commented. "If they can't pay four million gold coins after the auction is over, they are going to face a miserable result."

At that point in time, Vito also grew serious as he squinted his eyes. He did not think Ricky could

s as strong as the Heaven Palace. You don't need to be worried that we will play any trick on you. We are not that reckless as to cheat you," the spiritual king from the Heaven Palace said.

"Both of us can pay three million gold coins and we will take half of the skeleton respectively. That is a perfect deal, isn't it? Maybe we don't need even need to pay three million and we can still get the skeleton. It is a perfect plan."

"Well, in that case, we'd like to give it a try. If you break your word, you are going to face some miserable consequences," the spiritual beast king said. He finally decided to work with the Heaven Palace.

"Good! I'm sure this is going to be an excellent deal," the spiritual king responded as a smile spread across his face.

After all that, the spiritual king of the Heaven Palace bade, saying, "Four point five million gold coins!"

"What? The Heaven Palace just called out a bid of four point five million? Oh my God. They are going to spend everything they have!" All the warriors were stunned by this new bid.

"They are probably cooperating with some other force!" some people guessed in a low voice.

'It seems that they have begun to team up! That's perfect! That's exactly what I want!' Vito thought to himself secretly. 'Those three guys who called out four million gold coins helped me a lot! Whether they really have so much money or not, they have helped to raise the price anyway.'

"Four point six million!" someone from another private room exclaimed at that time. Apparently, he had aligned with another force too.

"Well, don't you think it's kind of boring to increase the price by only a hundred thousand? If I guess right, the highest price you can pay is six million gold coins even though you are cooperating with each other. Am I right?" Ricky stated loudly at that point in time.

"Well, I have another bid—seven million gold coins! That's my new offer!"

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