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   Chapter 457 The Impulse For Beauty

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Tina's aura was very unstable at that time, as if it was about to break out at any moment. Fortunately, she finally managed to control it.

"What's going on, Tina? Does the spiritual emperor's skeleton make you uncomfortable for some reason?" Ricky asked in concern.

"Not exactly!" Tina said. "Although the power of the ruling rule within the skeleton has been sealed by the array, the strong resonance connected with my blood can't be blocked by the array."

Tina's eyes filled with tears at that moment.

"That person must have been one of my clansmen when he was alive. I'm also sure that his bloodline was very close to mine. He must be an elder from my family!"

"What? He was an elder from your family?!" Ricky and Soar asked loudly in shock upon hearing what Tina said.

"Yes! It's true!" Tina nodded her head with tears welling up in her eyes.

The skeleton of her clan elder was being sold in the auction. It really made her uncomfortable and sad. Nobody would be happy under those circumstances.

"Ricky, it seems that we must try to obtain this skeleton," Soar said. "According to the current situation, we can only snatch the skeleton after the auction is completed because we have no money."

"It's a good idea to snatch it, but it is not enough to rely on the energy orb that was left behind by Doris. The forces of these completed spiritual kings must be much more than the power that we can see apparently," Ricky said.

"Consequently, the safest way to do things is still to buy it through the auction."

"We don't have enough gold coins anymore though. How can we buy it through the auction? Do you plan to give up Tina's Devil-suppressing Jade in exchange for it?" Soar asked.

"I don't want to give up the Devil-suppressing Jade in exchange for the skeleton," Tina said in a hurry upon hearing Soar's words. Her delicate hands clutched that small Devil-suppressing Jade.

"It's Ricky who gave it to me, so I don't want to give it up!" Tina explained the reason she wanted to keep it in a very faint voice.

The skeleton of her clan elder was surely important to her. However, Tina was experiencing the first awakenings of being in love at that time, so Ricky was even more im

ople, it would be a great disrespect to her elder.

She wouldn't do anything if she didn't know about that. Now that she knew, she had to get it back in any way possible.

"Ha-ha, Tina, then you will have to keep it in mind that you owe me a few cultivation methods at the Earth Level!" Ricky smiled.

"Ricky, thank you so much!" Tina said again in a serious tone.

"Tina, I don't think that we need to say thanks to each other!" Ricky grinned.

"Ricky, I really want to know what item you are going to use to buy the skeleton," Soar asked again out of curiosity. Tina was also curious about what it was.

"You will get to learn about it when I exchange it for the skeleton." Ricky smiled mysteriously, keeping Tina and Soar in suspense.

"Humph! You are just being mysterious on purpose!" Soar sneered upon hearing what Ricky said.

Then, they turned their attention to the situation outside.

"Three million gold coins!" The auction price for the skeleton had been increased to three million gold coins by that time!

Among all the compartments on the third floor, only warriors in five or six compartments were still competing for it.

"Ricky, when shall we offer a bid?" Soar asked.

"Let's just start right now. We have to be determined to get this skeleton in any case," Ricky said.

The next moment, Ricky spoke in a calm, yet loud voice that carried outside of the compartment, saying, "I will take this skeleton! I bid four million gold coins!"

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