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   Chapter 456 The Skeleton Of An Innate Spiritual Emperor

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"Three point eight million gold coins!" The young master of the Golden Leopard Valley gave a higher price again without any hesitation.

He had already given up on the egg. He could not afford to lose the spiritual space tool too. He would continue to compete over it as long as the price did not reach four million gold coins. His father would definitely be very disappointed in him otherwise.

A big smile spread over Vito's face when the young master called out his price. Everyone fell into silence after that. No one dared to quote a higher price. The price of three point eight million was just too much for them to oppose.

"Hey, Ricky. What if we give a higher bid? Do you think he would give up?" Soar suggested. He looked at Ricky as an evil smile crept across his face.

"I'm not sure about that. If some other guy calls out a higher bid, he will probably continue to go higher. I'm not sure what would happen if he hear my voice. Maybe he would give up! We just paid two million gold coins to win the egg. He would probably think we are really that rich. If he gives up, we will have to pay for it though. The truth is that we've already run out of money, so we can't," Ricky replied seriously.

"So, we'd better not take the risk."

"Ahh, I know what you mean. It's kind of boring to just sit here though. I just wanted to make the Golden Leopard Valley pay more money," Soar said unhappily.

No one made any more bids. Vito also understood that the price of three point eight million might be the highest price anyone could afford to offer for it. Still, he had never anticipated that the price would reach such a high bid.

He then announced in an excited voice, "So, we have a bid of three point eight million gold coins! Now the spiritual space tool goes to the Golden Leopard Valley! Please come to take the tool after the auction is over."

The silence among the crowd brought on by shock lasted for a long time before everyone began to collect themselves. It was an extremely high price to most of the warriors and forces, after all.

"So, the final item we are going to offer is going on auction next!" Vito said in an even more mysterious tone at that point in time. "Those on the third floor may had known what the first and second items were in advance, but I'm sure that none of you have heard anything about what the last item is!"

All the warriors began to whisper with excitement. They were puzzled again upon hearing the news about the last item.

"So, please tell us what on earth it is," someone in another private room on the third floor asked. "How powerful is it compared to the other two items you just sold?"

"My friend, it goes without saying that the last item is super precious," Vito said to the crowd in a confident tone.

Everyone grew more excited then. The last item was more precious than a spiritual space tool at the int

is indeed from a spiritual emperor, but it was eroded by a stronger power. So, there is only about thirty percent ruling power left in this skeleton,"

Vito explained. He then paused for a moment before he continued, "But I'm sure you know well how strong it is even though there is only thirty percent left! It is definitely much more useful than a spiritual space tool at the intermediate stage to any completed spiritual king."

"Oh, I get it!" All the warrior understood the reason they were selling it now. The skeleton of a spiritual emperor that only contained thirty percent ruling power was indeed less valuable than gold coins to a strong organization such as the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce.

The warriors on the third floor did not feel disappointed in the item at all.

Vito was right in his presumptions. Even though there was only thirty percent ruling power left, it was more valuable than a spiritual space tool to a completed spiritual king.

"Damn it! It is really the skeleton of a spiritual emperor!" the old man cursed at that point. He could not contain his anger anymore when he learned that fact.

"So, I'm sure I've already delivered all the information about this skeleton. Feel free to call out your bids now, my friends! Like always, the one who offers the highest price will win the item!" Vito announced loudly the next moment.

"One more thing. This skeleton is sealed by our array now, so you can't feel the ruling power," he then added.

"It's the skeleton of a spiritual emperor and it contains thirty percent ruling power! Ricky, this is our chance! We should give it a try!" Soar suggested excitedly.

"Yes, I know that. I really don't have any money anymore though! I spent all my money on the jade; you know that," Ricky responded helplessly.

As soon as he finished speaking, both Ricky and Soar suddenly noticed that there was something strange happening to Tina.

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