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   Chapter 455 The Cut-throat Bidding Competition

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"Two point two million! Those three guys won the egg! I didn't expect that at all!" The warriors in their surroundings sighed with surprised emotion after the bidding war was over.

"There is a storm coming towards them for that! If they don't have any powerful warrior or force to support them, I'm afraid it will be difficult for them to leave the Oriental City safely!"

"I couldn't agree more! Each time the auction was held, there was always a bloody slaughter afterward! Not only the Golden Leopard Valley and the Golden Rhino tribe want to have the egg, but many other forces are also keeping an eye on it! No one wants to give it up!"


Two point two million gold coins! Deal! The egg is yours now, my friends. Come here and accept the egg as your prize after the auction is over!" Vito exclaimed in joy at that point in time. He was extremely happy to sell the egg at such a high price.

The price of two point two million gold coins was totally above what his expectation had been.

As for the upcoming bloody slaughter after the auction was over, that was not his business. The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce was only responsible for the auction. Once they were out of the palace, the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce would not care about their safety at all.

"Well, that's the end of the bidding for this item. Next, I'm going to show you the second item!" Vito said in a mysterious voice as he became excited about the next item.

"Just show us! Don't hide it anymore! All of us are so desperate to know what it is!" the warriors demanded loudly upon hearing that Vito was being mysterious again.

"Ha-ha! All right! Just because you are so curious about it, I'm not going to keep it a secret anymore! The next item to be auctioned off is a spiritual weapon at the intermediate stage!" Vito declared as a smile crept onto his lips.

"Wow! A spiritual weapon at the intermediate stage?!" The crowd grew excited once again upon learning that information.

Even those warriors in the private rooms on the third floor also became excited at the prospect.

A spiritual weapon at the intermediate stage, no matter what it was, was extremely precious to an upper spiritual king or a completed spiritual king! Once they had a spiritual weapon at this level, their combat power would be increased to a large extent.

Before everyone could recover from their shock and digest this information, Vito threw out a combustible comment again. "What's more, this spiritual weapon is a spiritual space tool!"

"What? A spiritual space tool?!" a warrior in the surrounding area exclaimed in shock once again.

A spiritual space tool would probably be unable to increase a warrior's combat power,

rriors exchanged looks with each other as they gossiped and whispered.


"Three million! Probably that's all they have!" Ricky also made a comment. "I'm afraid he is going to pay much more than three million to win the spiritual space tool even!"

The most thrilled person in the hall during the auction was Vito, of course.

"Ha-ha! Three million! It seems that the Golden Leopard Valley is determined to win this item! Fine, we will quit at that price!" Many forces decided to give up upon challenging such a high bid.

Now, there was only the Golden Leopard Valley, the Golden Rhino tribe, and one other force left.

From those warriors whispering about the current situation, Ricky learned that that force was called the Heaven Palace. It was also a powerful organization, and had a completed spiritual king among its members.

"Three point one million!" a warrior from the Heaven Palace called out.

"Three point two million!" the innate spiritual beast from the Golden Rhino tribe called out his offer.

"My friends, we, the Golden Leopard Valley, are determined to win the spiritual space tool!" the old man from the Golden Leopard Valley exclaimed loudly at that time. "We will offer three point five million gold coins!"

He raised the price by three hundred thousand gold coins at that point.

"What a generous offer! It seems that the Golden Leopard Valley is not afraid of breaking the bank! Fine, we, the Heaven Palace, quit!" the man from the Heaven Palace announced resentfully.

"We, the Golden Rhino tribe, would like to try one last time! Three point seven million!" the spiritual king beast said decisively at that time. He did not want to give up on the spiritual space tool yet.

That was probably the highest price the Golden Rhino tribe could afford though.

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