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   Chapter 454 The Generous Bidding Price

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"Is that the bastard calling out again?" the young master immediately asked after recognizing Ricky's voice. He stood up from where he was sitting and gestured for the maid to leave him alone. He walked towards the window and contemplated. He stood there, silently watching.

He cared about this egg very much because it was exactly the treasure his father wanted to have.

His father was a completed spiritual king. Once he successfully refined the egg, his power would significantly be enhanced. On top of it, he would be much closer to an demi-spiritual emperor.

His father valued the egg immensely, so he was sent to take part in this auction. The young master had his full attention as he heard Ricky engage in the bidding. His father would be extremely disappointed if he lost this prized item. The consequences would be dire—it would be his own demise.

"Increase the price to one million!" the young master dramatically boomed. He would go at whatever lengths just to take this one home. "That bastard will know that we are a force to be reckoned with! We have enough gold coins to take this one home!"

"Yes, young master!" The old man nodded and did as he was ordered.

"One million gold coins!" Immediately, a voice thundered amid the crowd participating in the auction.

"One million? Unbelievable! These big organizations are so affluent!" a man sighed in mixed disappointment and incredulity.

"Indeed! They never run out of money!"

"One million? Well, that's perfect! I'm starting to look forward to the final price now. The increased money next will be the net profit!" Vito murmured to himself when he heard someone call out one million gold coins. He felt very excited about the next event to unfold.

Usually, the value of an egg with a fifty-percent chance of hatching would only be around one million gold coins. The possibility of it being a waste hindered it from being escalated to a higher price.

"Is this a display of strength?" Ricky sneered coldly when he heard the old man's bid.

"How many gold coins do you have, Ricky? It has escalated to a million now. I'm afraid that by the end of the sale, the egg is going to cost roughly around two million," Soar said as he furrowed his brows.

"When I was in the Land of Legacy of the Fortune Land, I got one point two million gold coins. Plus, I have collected approximately six hundred thousand gold coins through all these years in the past," Ricky said.

"Those insignificant Treasures from Heaven and Earth I have acquired and the mortal weapons would be around four hundred thousand. I have almost two point two million gold coins in total!"

"Are you determined to win the egg no matter what? I'm sorry I can't help you. I have no m

claration. He was not happy about this at all.

He initially thought they would bring home the egg at roughly around one point six or seven million gold coins. But now, they had to expend more than their budget.

"Young master, we have to forfeit. We don't have many gold coins left. Your father only allotted two million for our budget! We cannot exceed. I'm afraid we have to give up on the egg! Let's just bid over the next item!" the old man also reminded, obviously alarmed with the situation's development.

"Let's try for the last time!" the young master demanded. "Two point one million!" he burst out, all his vexation bubbling in the surface.

"Two point two million!" Ricky challenged, no hint of uncertainty in his voice.

Despite his tranquil facade, he was hoping that the young master would give up. Two point two million gold coins was all he had.

"Ricky, I have two spiritual fruits at the King Level. I think their value runs at around four hundred thousand gold coins. Take them," Tina offered.

"Thank you, Tina," Ricky gratefully replied. He decided to accept her offer; he was in dire need of money, after all.

"You don't have to thank me. You just gave me a jade at the advanced King Level. It is worth millions of gold coins!" Tina smiled softly.

"I'll have that bastard drawn and quartered myself after everything is over!" the young master roared in rage upon hearing Ricky rise the price again.

"Don't worry, young master! We're going to find a way to retrieve that egg! We will figure out a way to steal it from him!" the old man echoed the frustrations of his young master.

"We, the Golden Leopard Valley, quit!" the old man declared resentfully.

"Yes! We made it, despite the obstacle!" Ricky finally sighed in relief. He couldn't contain the happiness in his heart.

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