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   Chapter 453 An Egg From A Holy Beast

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The Devil-suppressing Jade started slowly cracking apart. Finally, the broken pieces were scattered and fell onto the floor.

They all exchanged helpless looks with each other and had no idea why that had happened.

It seemed that the Devil-suppressing Jade was damaged so badly that it easily turned into pieces once it absorbed a little bit evil spirit from Tina.

"That is totally unacceptable! The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce is so stingy! How could they sell such a shabby, useless treasure?! Is this the way a powerful organization conducts itself?" Soar blurted out unhappily as his brows furrowed in annoyance.

"I don't think they did it on purpose; maybe there was something wrong with it and they did not notice it. The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce is unlikely to sell an inferior item during the auction in order to earn some gold coins. They know it could hurt their reputation to do that sort of thing," Ricky commented. He did not blame the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce because of that unexpected situation. He thought he was just unlucky enough to buy a useless item.

'I've collected so many fortunes in the Fortune Land. When will I become more fortunate? I've been encountering bad luck ever since I left the Realm of Wildness. At first, Master Grace was taken away by the Phoenix tribe, and now I just bought a useless treasure! What bad luck I have!' Ricky thought to himself in frustration. He did not share any of his unhappiness with Soar and Tina, though.

"Huh? No! This can't be!" Tina cried in a doubtful tone as she stared at the jade pieces. Her reaction attracted their attention immediately.

They looked to the jade and found that it had not broken completely into pieces. It was now only a few inches long after so much broke off.

This tiny Devil-suppressing Jade had become smoother and more radiant. It was releasing milder energy that could still remove any evil spirit. Right at that point in time, even more evil spirit was being drawn out of Tina by it than it had earlier before it broke apart.

"What the hell?" Soar shouted in disbelief.

"Oh my God! This is real! Although it is smaller, I'm sure it's a Devil-suppressing Jade at the advanced King Level! It's much more precious than a jade at the intermediate King Level," Tina explained with excitement in her voice. She was so worked up that her voice trembled.

"A jade at the advanced King Level?! Marvelous! I'm really lucky to have won a treasure at the advanced King Level at the price of just sixty thousand gold coins!" Ricky also said in disbelief upo

th during the selection competition.

"I'm sure many people want to have the egg too! The egg has the enormous blood essence of the holy beast! One will have their power improved greatly once they have the egg, no matter whether they are a demi-immortal or an innate spiritual king!

What's more, a warrior with gold attribute will gain bigger benefits from the egg. They would be able to comprehend the Golden Enlightening more at that point!" Tina said.

"I think that the young master of the Golden Leopard Valley is practicing the cultivation methods with golden attribute. That egg is likely to be their real target!" Soar said.

"You are absolutely right!" Ricky said as he nodded his head. "It seems that we are going to have to compete with him again!"

"All right! That's as much as I can tell you right now! I'm sure all of you have a rough idea of this egg's value, so let's just cut the crap! Everyone, it's time to start the bidding!" Vito announced excitedly at that point in time. There was excitement on his face, and he could imagine how fierce the competition was going to be!

"Fifty thousand gold coins!" a warrior on the second floor called out. He actually knew that he would be unable to win the egg, but he decided to start the bidding anyway.

"I'll offer a bid of one hundred thousand gold coins!"

"One hundred and fifty thousand!"

"Six hundred and fifty thousand!" Before long, the price of the egg had already reached six hundred and fifty thousand gold coins! That was the point when the warriors on the third floor began to bid.

"Seven hundred thousand!" Ricky called out without any expression on his face. It was his first bid in that specific auction for the egg.

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