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   Chapter 452 The Fight Over The Devil-suppressing Jade

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Tina blushed when she heard Soar's words. She did not dare to say anything else.

Ricky, on the other hand, called out his bid without hesitation, "Twenty thousand!"

Right after he finished yelling out his bid, everyone turned their heads to look at his room. All the people became curious about who it was that dared to bid. The owner of that voice must be bold and rich! He directly increased the price by ten thousand gold coins!

"Are those the same three people who just had a fight with the young master of the Golden Leopard Valley?" a warrior asked. He had seen the chaos that had happened earlier.


"Yes, I'm sure of that. They are rich enough to book a room on the third floor!

I'm starting to become curious as to whether the young master of the Golden Leopard Valley will compete with them!"

"Is that the bastard I had trouble with?" the young master asked in a cold voice from another private room. At first, he was busy molesting the maid, but when he heard the familiar voice, he immediately recognized it.

"Yes, young master," the old man replied.

"I know it's him! Call out our price!" the young master ordered.

"My young master, we are here in order to win the two specific treasures. The more we spend on other treasures, the less likely we are going to get what we want. Once we have one thousand gold coins less, maybe we will be unable to finish our task,"

the old man explained patiently. He did not think it was a wise idea to bid for something they did not want.

"I know what you mean, but I'm not that foolish," the young master replied. "The reason I want you to call out the bid is because I want that bastard to pay more for it. I never wanted to waste my gold coins on that broken Devil-suppressing Jade."

"I'm glad that you know what I mean and don't want to waste money," the old man said as a smile crept onto his lips.

He was more than pleased to hear those words from his young master. That proved that the young master was not completely blind at least. As a member of the Golden Leopard Valley, he was happy to have a smart and reasonable young master.

"Thirty thousand!" the young master called out.

"Hey, did you hear that? I was right! I knew that the young master of the Golden Leopard Valley would not let his enemies go that easily!" someone said. The throng began to whisper again upon hearing the young master's bid increase.

"Well, who will win this treasure? I'm quite looking forward to the final result,"

some warriors said in an expectant tone as they stared toward the two privates rooms. They were demi-immortals, so they were not fools. They believed that Ricky knew the young master

eir value fairly," the maid replied in a respectful manner.

"I got it. Thank you for letting me know." Ricky nodded.

"What are you going to do, Ricky?" Soar asked with curiosity after the maid exited the room.

"I want to bid for the last three treasures," Ricky replied with a smile.

"You sound so confident! You must have gained a lot of valuable things in the Fortune Land!" Soar laughed in response.

Then, Ricky took out the jade from the storage bag.

The moment the Devil-suppressing Jade came out, all of them felt a mild and gentle aura emitting from it. It was so soft that it could drive all the evil spiritual energy in the area away.

"So, this is the Devil-suppressing Jade, a treasure at the intermediate King Level," Ricky said as he stared at the jade. He could see that there were many small cracks on the jade. Meanwhile, there was also a different power that could be sensed in it. Clearly, the alien power was the one that had damaged the jade.

"Tina, try it! Check if this works on you," Ricky suggested excitedly.

"Hopefully it will work on me! Otherwise, the sixty thousand gold coins you paid will be a waste," Tina said with a smile.

Then, she reached out and took the jade. She put it against her chest to see if it would work.

In an instant, Ricky and Soar felt that some tiny evil spirit was released from Tina and absorbed by the jade.

"Hey, check this out! It really does work! Although it only absorbs a little bit of evil spirit, I can take it with me all the time. That way, it will dispel a lot of evil spirit from my body as time goes by," Tina exclaimed in excitement upon feeling the evil spirit escaping from her.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Before her voice even faded, several crackling sounds were heard from the jade.

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