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   Chapter 451 The Devil-suppressing Jade

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"Ha-ha, hello everybody, we meet again!" Right at that moment, a sonorous voice arose, ringing through the whole palace. All the warriors could imagine from that chipper voice was that a handsome man must have shown up.

In order to make his voice resound through such a large palace, that person must have merged his spiritual energy into his voice.

The next moment, a chubby cloud rolled out from the inner hall of the palace. If one observed it carefully, it was not a cloud, but a person. He was too fat to be easily recognized as a person even.

"Oh my God, how can this guy be so fat? How can his two feet withstand the weight of his whole body?" Soar, who was inside the compartment, said out of surprise after he saw the man.

Ricky was also a little surprised at that sight, as that guy was the fattest man he had ever seen. He was so fat that his eyes could hardly be seen from where they were set in his face. Ricky believed that he would never meet another man as fat as him for his obesity had already reached what must be a limit.

Walking after the fat man, there were a group of maids. The maids were all charming and good-looking.

"Ha-ha, Vito, I haven't seen you in a long time!" Quite a lot of warriors gave the fat man warm greetings after they saw him.

It was obvious that quite a few auctions of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce were hosted by him.

Subsequently, the fat man who was called Vito, walked to the auction block with all the maids.

"Okay, welcome to the auction, everybody! I won't talk much, but I have to emphasize one of the rules once again, which is, use gold coins in exchange for things you want!" Vito said.

"If any devious means are found out to be used, that person will be regarded by the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce as our enemy."

A strong murderous intent was released by Vito after he finished speaking. Everybody in the palace could feel the threat that he exuded.

"Although Vito is fat, his strength cannot be underestimated!" Soar said after he felt the murderous intent.

All the warriors around, and even the spiritual king beasts, were also suppressed a bit by the murderous intent.

"Can you tell what level Vito is at?" Ricky asked out of curiosity.

"He's at least an upper spiritual king!" Soar answered.

"The host of such an auction already has to be an upper spiritual king. The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce deserves to be a big force at the spiritual emperor level. If it

whether the one who obtains it will earn or lose totally depends on their luck," Vito said.

"The auction price starts at 10, 000 gold coins for this item!"

"No wonder it came up so early!" All the warriors were suddenly enlightened after hearing Vito's explanation.

Nobody offered a bid for the jade at that point. They were not sure whether the jade still worked well enough, after all.

"Tina, what's the Devil-suppressing Jade?" Ricky asked.

"It's a valuable jade that can suppress the evil spirit. As it is of the intermediate King Level, it's indeed very valuable. I never thought that I'd be able to see one!" Tina said.

"Suppress the evil spirit? Would it work concerning the evil spirit in your body?" Ricky asked lightly.

"If it was a complete intermediate King Level Devil-suppressing Jade, it would have great effect, but now it is broken..." Tina shook her head in doubt.

"Regardless of its effect, let's try to obtain it through the auction!" Ricky suggested.

Tina seemed to be very embarrassed at that moment after hearing that offer.

"Tina, do you have no gold coins with you now?" Ricky asked Tina, guessing what the root of her embarrassment might be by the look on her face.

"Yes...You're right! When Doris left, she didn't leave any gold coins for me," Tina said in a low voice.

Possibly, for disciples like Tina who were from big clans, they never kept the matter of gold coins in mind.

"Ha-ha, Tina, it's a good thing that you don't have any gold coins with you. In this case, my brother has got a chance to do you this favor." Soar laughed loudly.

"Shut your foul mouth!" Ricky said.

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