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   Chapter 450 The Young Master

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"Let's go to the auction after we settle down! I think I have enough gold coins that we can afford some good Treasures from Heaven and Earth," Ricky suggested, turning to look at Soar and Tina.

"Yes!" They both nodded in agreement.

Then, they went to the main street and booked a hotel. After they entered their rooms, they began to cultivating in solitude.

Ricky and Soar needed time to conform themselves to the environment because there was thicker spiritual energy in that area. Even an innate spiritual king would have to adjust himself to his optimum state in order to cultivate more smoothly and comfortably there.

The auction of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce would be held five days later. That left them enough time to adjust themselves to their new surroundings.

The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce was another strong force owning spiritual emperors. Its bidding blocks spread all over the Eastern Land, so it was quite famous there.

Therefore, although there was still one month and a half left before the selection competition of the Oriental College, numerous people flocked to the Oriental City thanks to the auction the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce was going to hold there.

Normally, there would always be some surprising treasures in its auction each time it was held.

Five days passed quickly, and countless people gathered in the central area of the Oriental City. They hovered around the large palace there. Needless to say, the giant palace was the place where the auction would soon be held.

The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce made an explicit stipulation for that particular auction. All the organizations or forces must be led by an innate spiritual king to enter the palace and be able to attend the auction. Otherwise, the door would be closed to anyone who did not have an innate spiritual king as part of their party.

They made that new rule because there were too many warriors coming to the auction. They hoped that the rule would help to weed out the riff-raff from the more legitimate customers.

This rule did not cause any trouble for Ricky, Soar, or Tina because Soar was already an innate spirit at that point. They would not even have a chance to enter the palace otherwise.

After they entered the gate, they saw that there were three floors.

On the first floor, there were only ordinary chairs. Still, there was an unbelievable number of chairs—probably even ten thousand chairs! One had to pay one hundred gold coins to book a seat on the first floor. On the second floor there were some cubicles separated by screens. One had to pay one thousand gold coins to book a cubicle there.

As for the third floor, there were private rooms, and each room would cost ten thousand gold coins.

Ricky, Soar, and Tina booked a private room on the third floor.

Before they entered their room, there was a small obstacle that came up in their path.

A young man stopp

serably after the auction is over," the young master turned to Ricky and threatened him in a ferocious tone.

"Hey, old man! Why don't you just take your little dog and leave now? You know he is a mad dog, so why did you bring him out in public? Be careful! He may disturb the auction! When that happens, both of you will end up suffering terrible consequences," Ricky said turning to the old man. He decided to ignore the young man altogether.

"Boy! Watch your language! You are being too arrogant as well. There are always some people you can't afford to offend," the old man responded in a serious tone upon hearing Ricky's words.

"Thank you for your kind reminder, but I'm afraid you also need to keep that in your mind," Ricky said in the same lecturing tone.

Then, Ricky, Tina, and Soar turned around and headed for their room.

Ricky wished he could beat some sense into that young master! He knew that would bring nothing to them but trouble. He also could not afford the consequences of offending that organization.

Watching them walk away, the old man became confused. He was not sure whether Ricky was being serious or was just talking big. If it was true that Ricky had some powerful force stronger than the Golden Leopard Valley supporting him, they might get into trouble considering the fact that his young master had just said something very offensive to Ricky and his friends.

If it was not true, they would be all right though.

"Bring that woman to me. Also, kill those two men!' the young master said to the old man secretly using a telepathic link with him.

The old man grew angrier upon hearing his message!

He really had great difficulty understanding why his master, the leader of the Golden Leopard Valley, had such a stupid son! It seemed that his young master had never thought about the consequences if Ricky had stronger warriors supporting him. It might bring disaster to the Golden Leopard Valley.

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