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   Chapter 449 Reaching The Destination

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"Humph! He is so arrogant! Does he really think he can do whatever he wants to just because he's a member of the Phoenix tribe? I will beat the shit out of him sooner or later," Soar also exclaimed angrily.

If it were not for the Chaotic Fire Zone, all of them would probably have been burnt into ashes by Lanny's attack.

Later, they went back inside the airship and continued with their journey towards the Oriental College.

They did not run into any trouble for the rest of the trip. Thanks to the airship, they successfully reached the realm where the Oriental College was located within a month and a half. It was called the Oriental Realm.

The Oriental Realm was one of the largest realms in the Eastern Land. It was also located in the central area of the Eastern Land.

Once they entered the territory of the Oriental Realm, they felt thicker spiritual energy of heaven and earth around them.

In this world, the more distant a place was, the less spiritual energy it contained. Because of that situation, it was less likely to find a strong warrior in such remote places. Powerful warriors usually appeared in the large and central places where there was thicker spiritual energy.

"It feels so good! I can tell that the spiritual energy here is at least five times more powerful than that in the Realm of Wildness. It really lives up to its fame and is a place where demi-spiritual emperors and spiritual emperors gather." After sighing in shock, Soar took a deep breath so he could feel the thick spiritual energy.

"When you grow more powerful, you can go to the Middle Land for improvement. You will feel thicker spiritual energy there. I can assure you that you will be showered by the spiritual energy every second," Tina said.

"Tina, how large is the Middle Land?" Ricky asked. He could not help growing more curious about it upon hearing Tina's assurances.

"Well, that is a good question. Unfortunately, I have no idea either. Anyway, it is larger than the total area of the other four parts," Tina replied as she shrugged her shoulders.

"So, is it highly possible that the Phoenix tribe is located in the Middle Land, then?" Ricky asked.

"That's not the case. Ancient tribes, such as the Phoenix tribe, usually create their own world that is separate from everything else," Tina replied. "What's more, the entrance to their realm is extremely secret. Even a strong warrior would be unlikely to be able to find the entrance.

Besides, the Phoenix tribe has super powerful arrays guarding their realm. They are so powerful that no one alone can challenge them in the whole Misty South.

As a matter of fact, no other tribe would even dare to challenge them either."

Both Ricky and Soar fell into silence upon hearing Tina's explanation. They did not

the city and had no idea how far the whole city stretched across the land. The city also had an ancient and marvelous aura. The Oriental City was already there when the Oriental College had been established a long time ago, so the city was as old as the college.

There were numerous warriors, beasts, and spiritual king beasts coming and going from the huge gate.

That was because there was an explicit provision that one must walk in the city no matter whether they were an innate spiritual king or a powerful spiritual king beast. One would be deemed to be challenging the authority of the Oriental College if one attempted to fly in.

That rule did not apply to a demi-spiritual emperor, however.

Ricky, Tina, and Soar paid thirty gold coins at the gate for permission to enter.

After they entered the city, their mouths could not help gaping open slightly in surprise. Everything was so marvelous, and numerous people were wandering around on the streets.

"Hurry up! We have to make a hotel reservation as early as possible. More warriors are heading here now. We may even be unable to find a place to stay if we don't hurry." Ricky heard passersby say in worry as they rushed through the street.

"It seems that we'd better find a place to stay now," Ricky suggested.

Soar and Tina nodded in agreement. Then, they went to the busiest street to look for a hotel that had rooms available.

"Hey, do you know the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce? I've heard that it is going to hold an important auction in the city five days from now. I've heard that there will be various precious treasures being sold at that time!" Ricky and his friends heard someone whisper.

"An auction?" Ricky and Soar blurted out at the same time before they exchanged looks with each other. Both of them became excited at that news. Their eyes lit up immediately.

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