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   Chapter 448 Lanny Feng

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At that moment, Ricky was even more reluctant to let Grace leave. She had confirmed that she actually had feelings for him. She had really just told him!

He understood that it might be a great opportunity for Grace to make impressive progress when she went back to the Phoenix tribe despite the risk. Still, she might be faced with greater danger there at the same time. He was very worried about her safety.

He also had a selfish thought. He did not want the woman he loved to leave him; he wanted to stay with her. It was probably not right for him to think too much about that kind of thing. Ricky was only a demi-immortal and he had human desires, after all.

"Master Grace! I don't want you to leave me!" Ricky said sadly. There were tears welling up in his eyes. He reached out and intended to pull Grace back.

Jasmine waved her hand and immediately, the space around them was frozen. Ricky, Soar, and Tina were unable to move at all due to her powerful ability.

"Ricky, Soar, Tina, take care of yourselves! I will see you again someday in the future!" Grace turned around and bade goodbye to them.

She did not want to leave either. She truly wished that she could experience and search the world with Ricky! She had been looking forward to going to the Oriental College with him, but now, she was left no other choice but to go back to the Phoenix tribe. Her parents were there, and she could not just leave them to suffer alone.

Grace gazed sadly at Ricky for a long time as she left.

"All right. It's time for us to set off. Let's go," Jasmine said in an indifferent tone. It was a touching scene, but she really didn't care.

She knew that Grace had a good relationship with them for the time being. She was certain that, after Grace went back to the Phoenix tribe, established herself there, and became more powerful, she would gradually forget her humble human friends.

Then, Jasmine, Grace, and the young man left. There were tears in Ricky's eyes and Grace's receding figure blurred as he watched her through those tears.

The space did not return to normal until Jasmine disappeared completely into the distance. Then, Ricky and the others finally could move again.

At that point in time, all Ricky's strength seemed to be drained away. He knelt down on the ground heavily, feeling helpless and sad.

Anger engulfed him as he clenched his fists firmly. He held his fists so tightly that his body could not help shaking uncontrollably. He did not blame Jasmine for taking Grace away. He blamed himself because he thought that he was still too weak to protect the woman he loved.

If he was a powerful warrior, would that still have happened? Would that strange woman still have been able to take Grace away? The answer was, appa

u are from a humble race while she is from a noble tribe. She will not be with you no matter what. Be careful! There will be consequences if you try to break the rules," he said arrogantly to Ricky.

"I will never change my mind. I will break into the gates of the Phoenix tribe and take her away!" Ricky replied in the same serious tone. He would never give in when it had something to do with Grace.

"Oh, really? Well, I'm quite looking forward to that day! For now, I'm afraid I have to teach you a lesson! A human being is not allowed to challenge the Phoenix tribe! Even such offensive words will not be accepted against us!" Lanny Feng said.

The next moment, a burning red flame rose from his right hand. It was then transformed into a large flame ball and rushed towards the place where Ricky was standing.

Ricky, Soar, and Tina were engulfed by the fire ball before they could make any attempt to dodge.

Boom! Boom! In the next second, a deep pit appeared in the ground with fire burning inside of it where the impact had landed.

"Humph! I wanted to kill you with my first attack! If I were not stopped, you'd have already been a dead man now! Thank you for your offensive words, though. You just provided me with an excellent excuse to kill you! Grace has the Phoenix Bloodline of Fire and Ice, so she is mine, and no one can take her from me!" Lanny Feng said disdainfully as he stared at the burning pit.

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left again.

The fire in the pit kept burning and was not extinguished completely until one hour later.

Ricky, Soar, and Tina came out from the Chaotic Fire Zone at that time.

"Your name is Lanny Feng, right? Someday, I will pay you back for what you just did!" Ricky said murderously as he glared in the direction that Lanny Feng had just disappeared in.

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