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   Chapter 447 She Decided To Leave Them

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9776

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The people following them were a woman and a man.

The woman looked a bit older and she was a matured woman with a beautiful face. Her thick, red hair was braided and put up. Her every move and facial expression indicated that she was a woman of poise and grace. What was more, she had a curvy body that only added more to her beauty. Any man would be attracted to her after even one look.

The man was relatively young, and he looked to be a junior to the woman.

He had an extraordinary momentum and a handsome face. He was also regal and seemed to be born to rule. That was the first impression one would get upon their first sight of him.

He was holding a compass in his hand, and there was a drop of blood on the compass. Inside the blood there was a red phoenix. It seemed that it was somehow moving more violently as time went by.

"What conclusion have you come to? Is she inside the airship?" the woman asked the young man.

"Yes, you are right. The blood of our grandmaster is resonating more and more obviously. I'm sure that she's inside the airship now," The young man replied. "There is one thing I can't figure out, though. We are from the Phoenix tribe, and according to the rule of our tribe, we are not allowed to marry people from other tribes. Anyone who breaks that rule will be considered a sinner that is guilty of bringing impurity to our tribe.

So, why does our grandmaster value this woman so much? Why did he send you to take her back?"

"It's all due to the fact that she has a very precious bloodline! Her bloodline is no weaker than your Pure Phoenix Masculine Bloodline," the woman replied.

"What? How can that be?" the man exclaimed in great surprise upon learning that information. "Is she carrying the Pure Phoenix Feminine Bloodline?"

"Nope. She has an even more powerful bloodline than the Pure Phoenix Feminine Bloodline. It's highly possible that she has the Phoenix Bloodline of Fire and Ice," the woman replied after she took a deep breath. Apparently, she was also shocked at that possibility.

"What?! The...the Phoenix Bloodline of Fire and Ice?" The young man could not help stammering after hearing that.

He was well aware of what the Phoenix Bloodline of Fire and Ice meant to a warrior.

It was definitely much more powerful than his Pure Phoenix Masculine Bloodline. It was no exaggeration to say that it was the strongest bloodline out of all the bloodlines he knew of.

"Is that information reliable?" the young man asked again after he fell into a pensive silence for a moment. His eyes became greedy after he had digested that information. He suddenly came up with his own plan.

"The grandmaster never makes any mistakes. Now that his blood is resonating so violently, I'm sure that she is the one we are looking for," the woman responded.

"I'm one hundred percent sure that, once she goes back to our tribe, she will win recognition and

with you!" Grace blurted out without thinking twice. Her parents were suffering in the Phoenix tribe, so there was no way she would refuse as long as she had a chance to save her parents.

"No, Master Grace! You can't just go back with them! What if they decide to snatch your bloodline?" Ricky immediately tried to stop her upon hearing Grace agree to go with them.

"Humph! You are just a human being, so how dare you try to butt into our dealings!" the young man scolded coldly upon hearing what Ricky said. He was once again ready to beat Ricky up.

Jasmine Feng stopped him again.

"Ricky, they have my parents! I don't have any other options. I have to go with them!" Grace said.

Ricky decided not to waste his time trying to persuade her. He knew that Grace would not listen to him, so he immediately activated his Chaotic Fire Zone and was ready to pull her into it, but Grace resisted him.

The Chaotic Fire Zone could contain anything, so Ricky could put anything into the zone as long as it was an object or living thing that was weaker than him.

As for those that were stronger than him, he would have a hard time pushing them into the zone if they refused to go inside voluntarily.

"Master Grace! Please!" Ricky begged in a desperate tone as Grace resisted him.

"Ricky, I'm sorry. I will see you someday sooner or later! I have to save my parents for the time being," Grace said.

Meanwhile, she sent a message to him telepathically so that no one could hear it. "Ricky, there is always a place for you in my heart, but this is not the right time for us to talk about it. If I am fortunate enough, I will see you someday in the future. When that time comes, I will try to be more courageous. Someday, I will admit my true feelings for you!'

"Let's leave now," Grace said in determination as she turned to Jasmine Feng.

"What a smart girl! You just made the right decision!" Jasmine Feng said with a smile.

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