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   Chapter 446 Heading Out On A New Journey

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"You have to rely on yourselves from now on. I can't help you once you start this journey. I'm really looking forward to the day when you make your mark in the Oriental College. Whether you make great achievement there or not is up to you," Zenith said in a serious tone when he looked at his disciples.

"Yes, Chief Zenith. We will keep your wise words in mind!" They nodded with a decisive look.

After that, Zenith took out a map and passed it to them. "This is a route map which records several ways to the Oriental College. Take it with you in case you get lost and even are not able to find the right place three months from now. It's quite far away and is located in a relatively secluded place," Zenith said.

They nodded before they accepted the map.

"Well, I've already told you everything I know. You can go back to your rooms and pack your things before you leave. Don't you worry about the Misty South Palace; I will arrange everything for you well before I leave," Zenith suggested.

"Chief Zenith, what's the relationship between you and that beautiful lady?" Soar finally asked. He could not hold his curiosity in anymore. It was just too difficult for him to suppress his curiosity.

The second Soar finished his question, Ricky and Grace cast a fierce glare at him. They were secretly pleased to hear Soar ask that too though. They were also curious about it.

As he looked at them, Zenith did not become angry at Soar's slightly rude question. He, of course, was aware that they were curious about Cheryl and their relationship. He did not mean to hide anything from them, so he decided to tell them everything. "Well, it's a long story. After I came back from the Fortune Land, the Oriental College was staging a competition to pick up new disciples.

At that time, I came to attend the competition with many talented warriors and was luckily enough to be selected as one of the disciples. After I entered the college, I met Cheryl and we became fast friends.

We practiced together, made achievements together, and reached the innate spirit level together. As time went by, we started to have feelings for each other."

"I never expected that there was once such a romantic story that has happened to you, Chief Zenith," Soar sighed in shock when he heard what Zenith said.

"Cheryl's family is at the demi-spiritual emperor level though. Her family surely looked down upon me, so they sent out someone to warn me to leave her alone and never talk to her again." Zenith continued his story.

"The powerful family tried to force you to leave her?" Ricky snorted disdainfully. Soar and Grace nodded in agreement.

Ricky knew the story of Grace's parents, but he had not expected that a similar thing happened to Zenith too. How could he refrain from getting angry and remain calm and peaceful

, Master Grace," Ricky replied before he also laughed.

"Well, we will come back here when we grow more powerful, sooner or later. This is your home, Ricky," Grace said.

"This is something you have to experience in the martial world. You have to sacrifice something if you want to become stronger. Only when you become powerful can you protect those you love and care about. Or you can choose to leave everything behind," Tina said.

"Well, I'm afraid I have to leave everything for the time being," Ricky sighed heavily. "Hopefully, the Oriental College won't let me down! I'm really looking forward to being a member of it."

Then, they headed in the direction that the Oriental College was located.

Thanks to Tina, they used the airship to get a ride there.

Tina told them that the airship was a high grade spiritual weapon. What was more, there was a powerful array deployed on it so that it could resist an attack from any upper spiritual king.

Ricky sighed again with emotion when he learned that information. If the warriors in the Eastern Land knew that the ship was a high grade spiritual weapon, they would surely come to try and snatch it, so another bloody fight would be inevitable.

Even a completed spiritual king would become greedy for a high grade spiritual weapon.

The airship headed forward quickly in the air. In the blink of an eye, they were already a thousand miles away. They talked happily and exchanged their experiences leisurely aboard the airship.

To be more specific, Ricky, Soar, and Grace were listening to Tina telling stories most of the time. Although Tina was only a demi-immortal, she was born into a prominent family and she knew many things that they did not know.

What they did not notice, was that two shadows appeared in the front of the airship as they were concentrating on the wonderful stories Tina was telling.

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