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   Chapter 445 The Oriental College

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9463

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Cheryl walked towards them and stopped, looking at Grace and Soar. "Well, this woman and this man are not too bad. They've already reached the innate spirit level," Cheryl said gently. She was powerful enough to identity their levels by only looking at them.

"As for this one," she said as she turned to Ricky, "he is only at the demi-immortal level. I'm afraid he is not yet qualified for the selection process of the Oriental College.

Zenith, you were once a disciple of the Oriental College. I'm sure you know its recruitment policy. One must be an excellent warrior at the peak of the demi-immortal level, at the least." Cheryl paused for a few moments before she continued speaking again.

"In this day and age, there are countless talents in the world. I'm afraid that the recruitment standard will have been raised by a lot."

"Thanks for the kind reminder, Cheryl. I, of course, know about the recruitment policy of the college. That's exactly why I am asking you to do me this favor," Zenith said. "I can assure you that he is going to be the biggest shining star after he enters the college. He will not shame your records, and he will bring you honor for introducing him to the college."

"Are you sure?" Cheryl could not help growing curious when she heard what Zenith said. He was being very confident about the young man.

She could not figure out why Zenith was so certain that Ricky would be the biggest shining star among the geniuses at the Oriental College. All the geniuses in the Eastern Land gathered in that place, after all. Where did his confidence come from?

"I'm a hundred percent sure about it!" Zenith replied with great confidence as he stared back at her.

Upon hearing Zenith's reassurance, Cheryl turned her beautiful eyes toward Ricky again, trying to identify what extent of talent he really had.

"What kind of mutant do you have?" Cheryl asked Ricky.

"I don't have any mutant," Ricky replied reverently.

"Oh? You don't have any? You're making me even more curious now. Why is Zenith so confident that you will become the most attractive talent in the Oriental College, then?" Cheryl asked seriously, her eyes locking onto his.

"I'm confident in myself too," Ricky replied with a smirk.

"Ha-ha, young man, I think you're being a bit over confident," Cheryl replied with a laugh upon hearing what Ricky said.

She then turned her eyes back to Zenith and said, "I can help you, but if I do it, there will be a condition."

"What is it, Cheryl? I will do whatever I can," Zenith swore.

"I want those five hundred years to be a lifetime instead," Cheryl said with determination in her eyes. When she made that request, she was full of fear deep down in her heart. She was not sure whether Zenith would accept or refuse her request.

"Yes, I agree to that. T

al College is my next destination, then! The most talented warriors gather there, right? I just can't wait to join in now that I know about it!' Ricky thought to himself as he blinked his eyes.

His blood was burning like he was on a warpath again.

He was not alone. Both Grace and Soar were releasing their combat power in excitement. They were more than pleased to be able to fight against other talented warriors. Only through that method would they enhance and improve their abilities quickly and greatly. Being faced with strong opponents was the most exciting thing to them.

"What about the jade tablet, Chief Zenith? What is it used for?" Ricky asked as he gripped the tablet in his hand excitedly.

"The Oriental College is extremely strict in the way they recruit new disciples. In the past, the admittance criteria was that you be at least at the peak of the demi-immortal level, but now we are in a different age when numerous geniuses have appeared. I'm afraid the lowest criteria has been improved so that you must be an innate spirit," Zenith explained.

"The coming selection will be held in three months. I know you can make great progress in a short time, but I don't think you can reach the innate spirit level in just three months. It's not that I'm not confident in you; it's just too difficult for anyone. You know what I mean, Ricky.

That's why I asked Cheryl to give me a jade tablet. With this tablet, the selection criteria of an innate spirit will be not applied to you. As for whether you can make it and be admitted by the college or not, it all depends on you. So, showcase your ability as best as you can.

I'm sure you can manage it because I trust you."

"Yes, Chief Zenith, I understand things now. I will enter the Oriental College, and I will not let you down. I will surely bring honor to you!" Ricky exclaimed in a determined voice.

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