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   Chapter 444 The Tough Choice That They Were Faced With

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The five elders accepted Ricky's generous presents. The Treasures from Heaven and Earth were things that they needed the most, after all.

"Thank you, Ricky! We are grateful for what you have done to help us. Maybe we are old, but we can still do something for you. You must tell us whenever you need a hand and we will do whatever we can for you—you have our word." They made their promises to Ricky right after he gave them their gifts. They clearly understood that Ricky did not have to help them with all his might, but still, he had searched for such powerful treasures for them. That was thoughtful enough of him, so in return, they would spare no effort to pay him back as long as they could.

"Thank you, elders, for making this promise to me. You are my seniors, so I am just doing what a good junior should do for you," Ricky replied in a soft voice as he gave them a sincere look.

"So, the next choice is going to be really tough. I'm afraid I have to leave the choice of what to do next up to you guys," Ricky said again in a slightly serious tone after he paused for a moment.

The next second, he took out the cultivation method inheritance and casting skill inheritance that he had gained from the Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor.

"What are those, Ricky?" the elders asked. They had great looks of shock on their faces when they saw the two luminous blobs.

"These are the cultivation method inheritance and casting skill inheritance from a demi-spiritual emperor. He was also a casting master at the advanced stage of Spirit Level," Ricky replied. "I'd like to give them to you, but there is a problem. I only have two inheritances, while there are five of you. As for who will get them, I'm afraid you have to decide on your own."

Ricky had his own things to consider. If he were to make the choice, it would be unfair to those who didn't get them. If the choice was left to them, then no one would blame him for being unfair. There was nothing he could do to solve that problem. He only had two inheritances, after all. If possible, he wished that he had five so that each elder could get one.

"The inheritances from a demi-spiritual emperor?" they exclaimed in shock again upon hearing what Ricky had just said.

After the shock was gone, they fell into silence. Everyone wanted the inheritances from a demi-spiritual emperor, especially people like them who were old and were not able to break through and become innate spirits. It was no shame to admit such a thing.

The six people fell in silence for a few minutes.

Finally, a decision was made. Elder Samuel and another three elders exchanged looks before they turned to Ricky and said at the same time, "Ricky, please give the inheri

elf. Finally, the tough distribution problem he had faced was solved peacefully.

The trouble could be solved so easily mainly because the five elders valued their friendship much more than their own achievements. The result might have been totally different otherwise.

If that were the case, Ricky would not have told them about the inheritances he had.

'Ruin Demi-spiritual Emperor, I've fulfilled your last wish to some degree by giving your inheritances to people deserve them. Although Elder Evan and Elder Samuel are not some kind of geniuses, I'm sure that they will make the most use of them. Your inheritances will live on through them, ' Ricky thought to himself.

'I promise that I will help them as long as I can.'

After that matter was solved, the elders left and went back to their rooms. As for Ricky, it was time for him to consider which place outside the Realm of Wildness he should go to enhance his ability at that point.

Right at that point in time, he heard a message from Zenith.

When he arrived at Zenith's room, he saw that Grace and Soar had already gathered there.

They locked their eyes on Cheryl. From her expression, they concluded that she just had a nice talk with Zenith before they arrived.

"Are these the outstanding juniors you talked about?" Cheryl asked when she saw them, and stood up from her chair. She sized them up from head to toe.

"Yes, they are. I'm sure they will live to be the most talented members after they are admitted by the Oriental College," Zenith replied as he nodded.

His voice was gentle, quite unlike his usual serious tone when he spoke to Cheryl.

"The Oriental College?" Ricky and Soar both murmured in confusion upon hearing the strange name.

Grace, however, reacted differently and her eyes lit up when she heard it.

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