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   Chapter 443 A Mysterious Woman Helped Him

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9629

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"Zenith, it's been a long time since we have seen each other!"

At that point in time, a clear female voice called out of nowhere. Her voice was soft, but it reached everyone despite its softness. The voice was surrounded by the strong innate power released by Zenith and the Shadow King as they kept fighting violently. Normally, one's voice could hardly be heard by others during such a fierce fight, unless the owner of the voice was carrying a great power.

Before the voice faded, a woman in black appeared.

There was a clear, clean, distant, yet elegant momentum surrounding her. She had long hair that rippled in the breeze. She looked so pure; she was just like a lotus that was born in the dirty mud, yet kept itself clean and pure.

She wore nothing but black clothes, and her face was rather pretty. Any grown man would feel his heart beat faster when he looked at her.

The lady was somehow reminiscent of Helen of Troy because she was someone whom men would be willing to go to war for.

After she showed up, she floated in the air near the battle and threw out her attack that turned out to be a flushing palm. It shot forward quickly. Wherever it passed, both Zenith's and the Shadow King's Ultimate Domains retreated backwards accordingly.

Her big palm attack quickly disappeared too. When it was nowhere to be seen, Zenith, who was a bloody mess, appeared beside the woman. As for the Shadow King, he was beaten back by the woman's palm and launched backwards from them.

This sudden change shocked everyone who was watching. None of them had ever expected that someone would interfere in the fight.

"Cheryl! What brings you here?" Zenith asked, his voice breaking the short silence.

Watching the woman in front of him, he felt nothing but surprise. The woman was the last person he would ever imagine to see there. It was shocking that she had come and saved him! It brought tremendous shock to Zenith, because the place that she lived was too far away from him for her to get there.

There was more to the situation, however. The relationship between the two of them was somewhat awkward-- they were lovers and enemies at the same time. Of course, that complicated relationship was only known to them.

There was a sense of affection in Zenith's eyes which could hardly be identified. Likewise, the woman also stared at him with seemingly affectionate eyes.

"I said once that no one would be allowed to kill you except me. Don't you remember that?" the woman replied in an indifferent tone

upon hearing Zenith's question.

"Do any of you know who this woman is? Master Grace? Elder Evan?" Ricky asked with curiosity in his eyes. Disbelief was written all over his face. Meanwhile, he still felt very relieved that Zenith was saved by her. Ricky was certain, from the attack the woman just performed, that she was in no way weaker than

ch a powerful female warrior, but he won't want to explain it to us," Elder Samuel said.

"Don't worry, elders. I'm not a gossip," Ricky said with a smile.

He really meant that he was not that curious about Zenith and Cheryl. They couldn't tell if he really cared about the situation by his expression.

"I sent you a message to come here because I have something to share with you."

"What is it?" the five elders asked, their faces turning serious upon hearing Ricky's words.

"Ha-ha! Easy, elders. I'd like to give you something precious. This is my gift, as a junior, to you, my seniors." Ricky laughed casually upon seeing their serious expressions. Then, he took out many Treasures from Heaven and Earth from his storage ring.

The Treasures from Heaven and Earth were gained when he was in the Land of Legacy in the Wonderland. It was probably because the upper spiritual king there was cultivating by using the flushing method, so all the treasures he collected had something in common. The thing they had in common was that all of them were embedded with the power of life, which could make warriors live longer.

"Oh my God! All of these...They can increase longevity!" all of the five elders exclaimed in great shock upon seeing what Ricky had just presented to them.

To those elders, the most precious thing was longevity. Now, they saw so many Treasures from Heaven and Earth that could increase their longevity. How could they not be excited?

"Yes, you are right, my elders! All of these are Treasures from Heaven and Earth that can make people live longer," Ricky said, a smile creeping onto his lips.

He was happy from the bottom of his heart when he could do something to help the five elders. He was aware that all of them were trustworthy people judging from the fact that they followed and supported Zenith all the time, and had not abandoned him when he had lost everything.

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