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   Chapter 442 The Powerful Shadow King

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Boom! Boom!

Before his voice faded, the Shadow King gathered his aura in the blink of an eye. His murderous intent poured out of his body before it swarmed up to become a part of his Ultimate Killing Domain.

Immediately, his Ultimate Domain, which was originally transparent, turned as red as blood as it was expanding outwards with great speed.

"Zenith, no one in the Realm of Wildness has ever challenged me right to my face. Even the lord of the Imperial Palace of Wildness has never said such words of challenge to me. You are the very first one to do that," the Shadow King exclaimed in a cold voice as he narrowed his eyes at the other man.

"So, next, I'm going to teach you a lesson and make you understand one thing. You will know who the master of the Realm of Wildness is. You will also learn that I have the ability to take away anyone that I want. You know what? You are being blinded by this small achievement you just made. Arrogance will kill you someday, sooner or later."

Immediately after the Shadow King finished saying that, he approached Zenith imposingly. He moved slowly, yet after one step, he was much closer to Zenith. The power embedded in his Ultimate Killing Domain grew stronger. It pushed Zenith's Ultimate Blizzard Domain backwards continuously.

"Well, that was a nice speech, but I'm not giving up! I'm really looking forward to your performance in battle," Zenith replied in a cold tone as he furrowed his brow.

The next second, his freezing power also had ferociously broken out. As a result, giant snowflakes began falling from the sky out of nowhere. Zenith was employing the skill called the Holy Snow Attack. Immediately, his Ultimate Blizzard Domain was no longer shrinking and had begun expanding quickly.

Bang! Bang!

The next second, the two powerful Ultimate Domains met each other with tremendous power. Zenith and the Shadow King also flew towards each other because they were determined to fight. Their figures entangled and no one could differentiate between them.

Crack! Crack!

Apart from that, the loud noise caused by the collision echoed throughout the sky and there were crackling sounds that deafened everyone watching. It turned out that the space near them was being torn apart by their fight. Their energy flashed in the air and moved around here and there in the blink of an eye.

All Ricky could see was destroyed bits of the ground and trees around them. He could barely see the figures through all of them. He was unable to identify how they fought or what kind of the attacks they used at all. They moved too fast, so fast that his eyes could not catch up with them. In the blink of an eye, they had already clashed together in several dozens of bouts.

'So, this is what a fight between upper spiritual kings is like!' Ricky could not help but sigh in his heart when he saw such a ferocious and wonderful fight. 'When can I become an upper spiritual king? I'm really looking forward to it!'

Ricky was incredibly eager to reach the level of an upper spiritual king. Meanwhile, he understoo

ased in an instant.

A moment later, his frosty power burst out. It was more than powerful than it had ever been before. It melted within Zenith's right palm and formed a giant gauntlet. Zenith threw his fist out forcefully and it met with the three swords that were sent from the Shadow King.

"How dare you continue to try and fight against me when I've shown you that I'm much stronger than you! You are really an over-confident man! I admire your courage, but you will die here anyway!" the Shadow King teased in a disdainful voice upon seeing Zenith still trying to fight against him face to face.

The Shadow King admitted that, if Zenith tried to run away, he would have no way to deal with him. If Zenith wanted to battle with him, he was one hundred percent sure that he would beat him to death rather easily.

"Oh, I got it! You are fighting to protect those losers that are hiding at your back, right?" Zenith chose to stay there to fight even though he had known all along that he would not be a match for the Shadow King. The king also understood his reason for fighting at that point.

"Humph! So, you are another guy who is driven by emotions and relationships! You are the kind that I hate the most! You are doomed to have your life end here," the Shadow King said out loud. He was growing angrier as he poured more power into his three swords.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Amidst the strong and loud bursts that were echoing throughout the sky, the three Great Killing Swords and Zenith's palm finally forcefully and ferociously met. At that moment, the air in their surroundings was filled up with murderous intent brought out by their attacks.

"This is exactly the right time! One will only relax the moment after his strike has reached his enemy! This is my opportunity to cut in!" Ricky murmured to himself with excitement at that point in time. His eyes lit up with an eager fire.

He began to take action at that moment. He twisted his wrist and an energy ball rushed out and towards the direction that the Shadow King was in.

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