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   Chapter 441 Zenith's Successful Breakthrough

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After a while, Ricky stopped wondering about his father's whereabouts. He clearly understood that, no matter how hard he tried at that point in time, it wouldn't make any difference. His father had been missing for such a long time that it seemed hopeless. He had no informers to keep him updated either. The most important thing for him right then was still his cultivation strength. Once he was strong enough, he would be able to find and protect his father. Thinking about that, he calmed down. He sat quietly and began to adjust his breathing. Now, he needed some more time to let himself recover. It was not a wise idea to keep breaking through and making great progress all the time without any rest. Ricky's nerves had been on edge when he was in the Fortune Land. After everything he had gone through there, he needed some time to take a good rest.

What was more important, was that it would be the best way for him to enhance his current abilities instead of rushing to make new progress.

Although he had recovered a lot after he consumed the Regenerating Grass, he still felt like his body was a bit weak. That was an after effect which he couldn't avoid. Ricky had made up his mind that, after he reached the demi-immortal level, he would be able to kill any person or creature at the demi-immortal level.

That way, he would be strong enough and would be qualified to challenge the innate spiritual king when he was at the peak of demi-immortal. Once he gathered his thoughts, Ricky took a deep breath before he closed his eyes.

Boom! Boom! Before he could rest for even one day, several powerful momentums appeared above the Misty South Palace. Among them, there was one which was especially powerful. It was much more powerful than Zenith.

'Finally, there you are, Shadow King, ' Ricky thought to himself the moment he felt it. It was quite familiar to him considering the fact that he once had fought with him. He stood up at once and exerted his internal strength. A pair of spiritual energy wings appeared on his back. Then, he flew out of the palace in a rush.

By the time Ricky got out, Zenith, Soar, Grace, Elder Evan, and the other elders had already gathered there.

Standing in front of them was Boris, an array deployer, and two middle-aged warriors in black. One could see from their breathing techniques that the two warriors were from the Endless Shadow.

At that point in time, all the people present fixed their eyes on the center of the space. They were staring at the middle-aged warrior in black in the center, who was floating in the air.

Needless to say, he was none other than the Shadow King.

The invisible, but strong aura emitting from the Shadow King filled the space up. Strands of murderous intent were floating through the air that surrounded him. Suddenly, all of them descended from the sky and dashed towards the Misty South Palace.

Luckily, they had Zenith. Zenith's strong aura formed a protective screen, so they did not fear the enemies that were running at them.

'It seems that Boris and his men are cooperating with the Endless Shadow, ' Ricky thought to himself when seeing those men. 'That's a good thing

en't had a real fight in a long time! Is this the reason that you have already forgotten who is dominating the Realm of Wildness right now?"

"Maybe you dominated this realm in the past, but now I'd like to tell you that I am the chief of the Misty South Palace, and I am dominating the Snow Land," Zenith replied in a distant tone.

"My king, you can concentrate on dealing with Zenith. We'll handle the rest of them." At that point time, Boris came closer to the Shadow King and suggested that he deal with his minions.

He knew he did not have the capability to defeat Zenith at that point, but he could still kill Ricky and some other people.

"Boris, if you dare to touch them, I will hunt you for the rest of your life. You know I will always keep my promises," Zenith said coldly after hearing Boris' cunning suggestion, and shot a fierce glare at Boris with enormous murderous intent in his eyes

"You want to kill me, Zenith? Ha-ha, before you do, you have to beat the Shadow King!" Boris sneered as he replied.

"You are going to die here today!" Zenith snorted in amusement before he started to launch an attack towards Boris without any hesitation. The Ultimate Blizzard Domain shot quickly towards Boris as if it would engulf him the next second.

Meanwhile, the Shadow King also fought back. His Ultimate Killing Domain stopped Zenith's attack.

The Shadow King turned around and said to Boris, "You stay there, and don't move without my permission! I have control over all of this. I'll end your lives if you decide to act rashly."

Boris dared not to make any objections towards the Shadow King's order. He had no option but to step backwards unhappily with a dark look on his face.

The Shadow King did not want Boris and the others to interfere in the fight, but it was not because he wanted to let Ricky and others go. It was just that he preferred to do it by himself. He wanted to prove that, even though Zenith became an upper spiritual king, he still had the ability to control everything! No one should question his power as the most powerful warrior in the Realm of Wilderness.

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