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   Chapter 440 Leaving Of Doris

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"It's the Phoenix tribe!" Ricky exclaimed in amazement. His face changed into something serious upon hearing what Zenith had just said.

Being with Soar, one of the Great Dragons, for a long time, made him very much aware on how powerful the Phoenix tribe was.

Long ago, the world was created along with the millions of immortals, devils, and the legendary overmatches. The overmatches housed the four most powerful mythical creatures--the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermilion Bird, and the Black Tortoise.

And up until this very day, all kinds of Great Dragons that could be seen on earth were direct descendants of the Azure Dragon.

On the other hand, the Phoenix originated from the Vermilion Bird. It was no question that the Phoenix's power was the strongest and most ferocious among the forces in the whole of the Misty South, and that was why they were to be feared by all the people in the area.

"Chief, I have heard about the Phoenix tribe," Ricky said.

"And since you have already heard a thing or two about them, I think you already know that they are one of the most dominant clans in the Misty South," Zenith said. "Now you would understand why I am worrying this much, right?"

"Chief, I understand," Ricky said in a low voice.

"Ahh. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was training. I remember this time when I was training outside with Grace's father. He couldn't keep his eyes away from this beautiful woman who we met there. And as the three of us trained hard and hoped to become superior warriors, the two of them fell deeply in love. It was not long after that the woman gave birth to Grace... and the rest was history," Zenith dug in his brain as he recalled how Grace's parents met.

"But when after Grace was born, her mother reached out to us and told us about her real identity. She said that she was a descendant of the Phoenix tribe. She just had to tell us the truth before she surrendered herself to her family alone. As bitter as it might seem, she did this to protect Grace and her husband from the Phoenix tribe.

Of course we all thought that everything would be fine after that incident. But only a year ago, the people of the Phoenix tribe resurfaced and abducted Grace's father."

"What for? They are already out of the question and the situation. Why even bother?" Ricky asked with confusion running through his face.

"I don't know and I have never really thought about why. But it doesn't stop there. The tribe also attempted to kidnap Grace but they left her after they found out that she did not possess any trace of the tribe's unique blood power in her," Zenith answered.

"But as far as I know, Grace has already a

nsed a great energy fluctuation from the white ball Tina gave her.

"Tina, what in the world is this?" Ricky asked.

"This is the energy that Doris left you to help you break away from the Shadow King of the Endless Shadow," Tina said. "According to Doris, the Shadow King of the Endless Shadow is a powerful existence even among the upper spiritual kings. The Chief of your Snow Sect, Zenith, might not even be able to defeat him even if he has become an upper spiritual king."

"Wow, Doris is so thoughtful," Ricky said as he took the white ball with much appreciation.

"Ricky, Doris also said that this energy ball is not powerful enough to help you kill the Shadow King. But you could use this to make him suffer and weaken his power," Tina added.

"Tina, I understand what Doris meant. Thank you. Don't worry, I'll take care of the Shadow King by myself, after all he is my own enemy," Ricky nodded and said.

"I'm glad you understood everything," Tina replied.

After talking for a little while, Tina went back inside the airship to hide until Ricky and the others were ready to leave with her.

"Let me take a rest, and it's time to leave the Realm of Wildness," Ricky said to himself.

After all the planning that Ricky had done, Ricky still worried about one thing in the Realm of Wildness-- he could not find his father and there was no news about him. Zenith, on the other hand, had already helped him search for his father. But unfortunately, he still got nothing.

'Father, have you already left the Realm of Wildness? I haven't seen you in ages! The thing is, I don't even know when I'll be back to meet you after I leave this place. I hope you're okay. I hope we meet soon, ' Ricky said to himself as he had his heart on his chest and wished his father's safety.

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