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   Chapter 439 Grace's Impressive Change

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Looking back on how Ricky had obtained the ultimate dragon meridian, as well as his performances in several life-or-death fights, Elder Evan praised Ricky with mixed emotions.

"So far, not only has Grace surpassed us elders in her cultivation level, but you have made a breakthrough too!" he said.


Later, a great many pieces of Fortune Jades, which were gadgets used to exit the Fortune Land, descended into the area they were in. Kristen, Tyson, and Hoffman each grabbed a piece of Fortune Jade immediately. After they talked for a short while, they crushed their Fortune Jades with their hands and returned to the bases of their forces.

Then, Ricky, Elder Evan, and the others returned to the Misty South Palace in the same way. Knowing they had finally returned, Zenith and Grace, along with several others, promptly came outside to meet them.

They were utterly thrilled to learn about how Ricky had obtained the ultimate dragon meridian.

Meanwhile, Grace had caught the attention of Ricky, Elder Evan, and the others.

Grace's aura was completely different than before. She exuded an aura of oneness with nature. She clearly had already become an innate spiritual king, because only warriors at that level were able to get into a state of oneness with nature.

But the way Grace's countenance had changed was what they first noticed about her, not the aura change itself.

Noticeably, the hideous blood-red birthmark on Grace's face had entirely disappeared. Grace's aura was no longer filled with sheer iciness. It had changed so that her iciness and fieriness had mixed together.

Her unsightliness had transformed into elegance; her reddish eyes were emanating uniqueness, and her black hair was mixed with a shade of faint icy red, slightly oozing charm.

The valor and lustiness of her visage differentiated her from both the coquettish and the exceedingly gorgeous type of women. Her haughtiness and intractability in her beauty could inspire a man to want to win her heart.

"Grace, how did you..." Elder Evan started to ask in astonishment.

"Elder Evan, after I became an innate spirit, the birthmark on my face magically disappeared," Grace said with a genuinely warm smile, instead of a cold smile like before. It was clear that the disappearance of her birthmark had boosted her confidence by a lot.

Women, in general, put a high value on their personal appearance and felt that their worth was judged on it to some extent.

"It seems that my birthmark contained th

od power would be activated or not for a long time. It did happen eventually," Zenith said in a deep voice while he nodded.

"Chief, what's the matter with Master Grace? Is there anything wrong with her activated blood power?" Ricky inquired anxiously, sensing Zenith's misgivings.

"There is nothing wrong with her special blood power, but it will cause trouble for her once warriors with the same blood power as hers learn about what she can do now," Zenith explained in a somber tone.

"Odin, Grace's father and my best brother, was taken away by some mysterious and strong warriors. Do you know anything about that?"

"Yes, Chief Zenith. Master Grace even sank into despair for a long time because of her father being captured," Ricky replied with a nod.

"The mysterious and strong warriors are members of the tribe force that Grace's mother belongs to," Zenith revealed. He then added, "Grace's activated special blood power is derived from her mother's tribe."

"The tribe's blood power is very powerful. However, their tribe members are not allowed to procreate with outlanders that are unrelated to them. Disobedience of that tribe rule will cause serious consequences for individuals in violation once found out. That's what I worry about!"

"Chief, I think I understand what you mean," Ricky murmured. He felt deeply somber and worried after hearing what Zenith said.

"Chief, what tribe is this? How powerful are they?" Ricky asked after a moment.

"They are the Phoenix tribe—the closest descendants of the Vermilion Bird, which is a kind of sacred beast. Have you heard of it?" Zenith said with a rather hopeless sigh, looking up to the sky.

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