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   Chapter 438 Getting The Source Of Golden Body Before The Fortune Land Closed

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During his last days in the Fortune Land, the only thing on Ricky's mind was getting the Source of Golden Body. From his point of view, he was meant to practice the Ultimate Golden Body since he already owned the Massacring Zone. He believed that, with the help of the Massacring Zone, it would only be a matter of time before he could learn this cultivation method.

But in order to master it, he must first make sure to find a suitable Source of Golden Body for himself. The Source of Golden Body was to serve as the foundation for his cultivation, and was the key to his mastery of that particular method.

"Now let's see… Which one of my treasures is qualified for this job?" Ricky thought hard as he went over in his mind all of the things he now owned.

The first thing he ruled out was the Massacring Soil. There was no doubt that he thought of himself as a lucky man, but he was also well aware that when it came to practicing skills, he could not count on luck at all. He still needed to work extremely hard if he wished to achieve more.

"How about some Treasures from Heaven and Earth or spiritual weapons that have the golden power? Oh, wait, I don't have those kinds of things!" Ricky said to himself in disappointment.

"As of right now, the only thing I have that contains the golden power is the Massacring Zone. Would it be possible for me to turn it into my Source of Golden Body?" Ricky now turned his attention to the Massacring Zone.

In all actuality, the Massacring Zone could work as a kind of spiritual weapon. The reason Ricky was hesitant was because he could not hold it in his hand the way he would hold other weapons.

But for some reason, he had a feeling that the Massacring Zone was a better option than the Massacring Soil for being the Source of Golden Body.

Come to think of it, the reason why the Fortune Elder said that the Massacring Soil could make the best Source of Golden Body was because it was the hardest kind of soil in this world. More than that, it also contained the most powerful massacring power.

Now as Ricky pondered more over the matter, he realized that the Massacring Zone was the actual source of the massacring power. If so, then wouldn't it be a much better choice for making a good Source of Golden Body?

Ricky became really excited at the thought. "If I succeed in turning the Massacring Zone into my Source of Golden Body, then no one will be more qualified than me to cultivate the Ultimate Golden Body," he murmured in delight. "Thank you so much, Fortune Elder. You truly have given me a wonderful opportunity in becoming stronger!" Ricky could barely contain his excitement.

But of course, he was well aware that he should not count his chicken before they were actually hatched. First and foremost, he had to make sure that the Massacring Zone was the right material for making the Source of Golden Body.

He paused for a moment, then, without hesitation, he took a deep breath and instantly got down to transforming his Massacring Zone.

The Massacring Zone was literally endless, so it was impossible for Ricky to turn the entirety of it into the Source of Golden Body. It was unnecessary, either. He only needed to take a small part of it for his work.

As he integrated his mind into the Massacring Zone, Ricky activated his Massacring Skill. Then, a portion of the zone was divided by his massacring runes. He then adjusted the separated zone and channeled as much massacring power as the little space could take. In no time, the separated zone was filled with thick energy.

Once the purest massacring power had blended in with the massacring runes, Ricky tried to use the indicated skill for creating the Source Golden Body in the Ultimate Golden Body method. In that moment, he was completely immersed in the cultivation.

d gone, too.

All of the living creatures there witnessed the great change in the Fortune Land. Now that all of the fortune, together with the white fog it created, had dissipated, the whole Fortune Land looked almost the same as the outside world. It was as if it had never even existed in the first place.

"It appears that the Fortune Rain was actually consuming the fortune in this Fortune Land. It's been three months, so I guess that the fortune here has run out by now," Hoffman said as he continued investigating their constantly changing surroundings.

"The Fortune Land only opens every hundred years, and this time, the centennial scramble for this fortune is coming to an end," Ricky replied with a touch of sadness.

"Well, time to say goodbye, dude!" Hoffman changed the topic in an effort to lighten up the atmosphere. "Let's get together sometime and have a drink after we get out of here, alright?" he said with a big smile.

"You have my word, friend. I hope we can meet each other soon." Ricky nodded as he smiled back at Hoffman.

To a great extent, Ricky's words were nothing more than a polite thing to say. He did want to meet with Hoffman again, but the problem was that he was going to leave the Realm of Wildness soon after getting out of the Fortune Land. Thus, that moment might actually be their last farewell. He cherished their friendship greatly even though they had only met each other. Still, he had an ambition to see the bigger world.

At this thought, Ricky turned to look at Kristen and Tyson. Suddenly, he felt reluctant to part with the two of them.

He knew that they would also feel terribly sad if they knew that he was going to leave soon, so he decided not to tell them. He thought it would be easier for them if he just went without saying goodbye when the time came.

"Ricky, is everything okay?" In that moment, Elder Evan and the others also approached Ricky. The excitement etched on their faces suggested that they were also able to make big progress in the past three months.

"By the way, where is Grace? Have you seen her?" Elder Evan and his men asked after greeting each other. They realized that Grace was nowhere to be found.

"Err...she has been sent out already," Ricky said, lowering his voice a bit. He then told them the whole story word for word.

"Really? That little girl is always so quick! I knew that she would be a step ahead of us, but this is still a pretty hard pill to swallow!" Elder Evan and the others exclaimed jokingly upon hearing Ricky's words.

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