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   Chapter 437 Demi-immortal

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"A land of wildness and ruin," Ricky muttered to himself.

"Sir, is the Massacring Soil easy to find in such an area?" Ricky asked.

"Well, I can only tell you that you may find the Massacring Soil, but it will not be easy. As the hardest soil in the world, the Massacring Soil's value is self-evident. So only someone with great fortune can attain it," the Fortune Elder said to him.

Ricky was unhappy to hear that.

"It looks like I cannot cultivate the Ultimate Golden Body," Ricky said in a low voice.

"Ha-ha, don't worry. You can use some Treasures from Heaven and Earth and spiritual weapons which contain the golden power to be the Source of Golden Body for the time being. You can replace it when you find the Massacring Soil and a better Source of Golden Body." Fortune Elder laughed after hearing what Ricky said.

"Sir, will the replacement cause any side-effects?" Ricky asked.

"Don't worry, it won't. But after you replace the old Source of Golden Body with the new one, you need to master and consolidate it well and adapt the new Source of Golden Body to your Golden Body. After this, you must fuse them together," the Fortune Elder replied.

"I understand." Ricky nodded.

"Well, is there anything else you want to know?" the Fortune Elder asked him.

"No, sir. Now it will all depend on me whether I can cultivate the Ultimate Golden Body," Ricky said.

"Ha-ha, I am looking forward to seeing how powerful you will become the day when you achieve it," the Fortune Elder said. "Maybe that day will be the day that we meet again. Perhaps we are fated to reunite."

"Sir, I will definitely make it happen. I will succeed in the cultivating of the Ultimate Golden Body," Ricky replied confidently.

"Ha-ha, I'm looking forward to that then!" The Fortune Elder laughed, seeing Ricky's confidence and willpower.


Ricky talked with the Fortune Elder for a while before his mind had to leave the deep space of the Fortune Land.

He had made a promise, and was eager to fulfill it.

After Ricky's mind returned to his body, he continued to bathe in the Fortune Rain and comprehend the stage of the demi-immortal.

Ricky cultivated while he was bathing. To break into the stage of the demi-immortal, he needed to boost his stage to the peak of the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

After so many battles to the dea

And only when he did this could he be satisfied in knowing he had reached the peak of the martial arts world.

This had been his goal from the start.

Ricky had cultivated these great ambitions because he had a regained spiritual meridian and its zones. He knew from the beginning that he was different and he would do something really big.

After he transformed a third of his incomplete innate power, Ricky ceased the transformation and focused on consolidating his stage with the Fortune Rain.

Ricky obtained a lot of treasures during his journeys in the Fortune Land. Among all the warriors of the Realm of Wildness who had entered this Fortune Land in millions of years, he was the biggest champion of them all.

Once he won the final dragon meridian, not only his body was baptized by the Fortune Rain, his mind also attained much enlightenment from the Fortune Elder. No creature had ever gotten such great opportunities.

He also received the Ruin Fire and the cultivation method without grade, Ultimate Golden Body, after which he had a breakthrough to the demi-immortal stage. If he was not the biggest winner, who was?

Ricky sighed emotionally to himself, "This trip to the Fortune Land has been another great turning point in my journey!"

He thought back to another pivotal moment-- when his spiritual meridian was taken from him and he obtained the regained spiritual meridian.


"After the Fortune Rain ceases, this competition will end too," Ricky murmured to himself.

He thought about Grace and wondered how she was doing right now.

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