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   Chapter 436 Ultimate Golden Body

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"Could you show me your cultivation method please?" said the Fortune Elder.

"As you wish." Ricky nodded and showed the Fortune Elder his cultivation method of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

Ricky believed that the Fortune Elder wouldn't covet his Nine-degree Body Refining Formula as the Fortune Elder's level was way above it.

On the contrary, he believed that the Fortune Elder might deduce a way to create a new cultivation method out of this one.

After the Fortune Elder comprehended all of his Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, he seemed a bit surprised. "Only a being without a spiritual meridian or with a broken meridian can study this body refining method, but you were able to successfully master it. It seems that you have an unusual spiritual meridian."

"Yes, there is something truly extraordinary with my spiritual meridian," replied Ricky.

"It really must be. Otherwise you shouldn't be able to control these fires if you were a mere warrior at the Bone Reinforcement level," explained the Fortune Elder. Although he was a bit curious about Ricky, he didn't ask anything more about him.

At that moment, the Fortune Elder began to understand how Ricky's consciousness was able to enter this place spontaneously. There must be something extraordinary with this young lad.

"Next, I am going to give you an opportunity. It is a cultivation method that is quite similar to that of yours, only slightly more advanced. Consider it a token from meeting me in this place," said the Fortune Elder.

"Thank you." Hearing this, Ricky solemnly gave him his gratitude.

Although the Fortune Elder had said that it was only slightly more advanced, Ricky was certain nothing should really be "slightly" more advanced to the Fortune Elder.

"The body refining cultivation method I am about to teach you is called the Ultimate Golden Body!" said the Fortune Elder.

He then twitched his finger as an information in the form of white smoke shot into Ricky's head. It showed him the cultivation method and how to practice it.

A cultivation method of no grade--the Ultimate Golden Body.

These words appeared inside Ricky's mind.

all," replied the Fortune Elder with much appreciation.

He saw genuine confidence in Ricky's eyes.

"But I seem to have difficulty understanding the Source of Golden Body." Ricky expressed his confusion.

"This is where you activate your golden body. You need to materialize a source somewhere inside you and channel your power into this source in order to successfully summon the golden body," said the Fortune Elder, "The so-called source is also like a vessel that contains the powers you acquire as you continue to practice the Ultimate Golden Body. This power can always be harnessed the moment you need them to create the golden body."

"I understand." Ricky nodded.

"You can use any Treasures from Heaven and Earth, spiritual weapons or any other precious items as the source, but the most suitable ingredient would be the Massacring Soil!" said the Fortune Elder.

"The Massacring Soil!" Ricky murmured to himself.

"It's the most solid soil that ever existed, fused with prime forces between heaven and earth. Only by using the Massacring Soil as the source will you ever achieve the perfect Ultimate Golden Body and eventually evolve into the Chaotic Golden Body," said the Fortune Elder.

"Do you have any ideas where to find this Massacring Soil?" asked Ricky.

"I am afraid not, but I can give you a clue. The Massacring Soil can normally be seen in the land of wildness and ruin," said the Fortune Elder.

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