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   Chapter 435 Another Big Opportunity

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"At this time, you are the only one who has ever been able to enter this mental area without having the same power that I have!"

the Fortune Elder said in disbelief. After that, he narrowed his deep and aged eyes, as if he were trying to see something through Ricky's body.

Upon hearing the Fortune Elder's words, Ricky's curiosity was also aroused. The Fortune Elder would never lie to him, and Ricky was puzzled as to how his mind could enter such an exclusive area that only a few people have ever entered.

'Could it because of my regained spiritual meridian and three Zones?' Ricky thought. He could not think of any possible explanation.

"Even though you are only at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement, you can already defeat strong warriors that are at the peak of the demi-immortal level. How extraordinary you are! Even among the peerless geniuses, you still rank among the top," the Fortune Elder said in amazement.

"Still, over the last million years, there have been geniuses who were more talented than you are, and their minds were not able to enter this area automatically. Therefore, I do not think that talent is the key that helped you enter this area.

I believe you have something that is associated with the Fortune Land hidden inside your body that enables you to come in automatically."

Then, the Fortune Elder moved closer to Ricky and released his Fortune Power. The Fortune Power pervaded Ricky's whole body as the Elder tried to find something related to the Fortune Land inside Ricky.

After a few minutes of searching, he found nothing special inside Ricky. However, in spite of the Fortune Elder being extremely skillful in martial arts, it was still impossible for him to find Ricky's spiritual meridian and three Zones.

"What's going on? How come I didn't find any clue from you?" the Fortune Elder asked doubtfully.

"Fortune Elder, in addition to the good fortune that I got from the dragon meridian, I can't think of other things I have that can be associated with the Fortune Land," Ricky said as he saw the confusion in the Fortune Elder's eyes.

"Well, is that so? It's just too weird," the Fortune Elder muttered.

"Fortune Elder, would it be alright from you to tell me what benefits I can get from you since I was able to enter your area?" He did not want to linger any longer on the issue about how his mind was able to enter the secret mental area that the Fortune Elder was guarding.

He didn't believe that his regained spiritual meridian would bring his mind there for no reason, so he was determined to find the reason sooner or later.

"All right. I'd better stop guessing. God wanted you to come in, so there must be a well-justified reason for you getting this opportunity," the Fortune Elder said in a relieved tone.

"Opportunity!" Ricky exclaimed when he

attle in the Fortune Pond. Your victory that time was completely dependent on your powerful Omnipotent Skills and your control over some extraordinary flames," the Fortune Elder analyzed objectively.

"However, according to my past observations, all your victories are mainly based on your body refining cultivation method."

"Yes, Fortune Elder, you are right! I have mainly relied on my body refining cultivation method for the last few battles," Ricky seconded.

"That is enough for now, but once you become an innate spirit, a cultivation method like that will be much less effective!" the Fortune Elder added.

"I'm afraid you are right," Ricky said in a pitiful tone as he nodded helplessly. He had grown fond of that cultivation method, and he was quite unwilling to give it up.

The Nine-degree Body Refining Formula was formidable, indeed, but it was mainly for warriors under the level of the innate spirit. For warriors who were lower spiritual king and middle spiritual king, its power would probably still prove to be effective and outstanding.

But past those two levels, Ricky knew that it would become quite useless. Then it would be like a hot potato—tasteless, but still wasteful to discard. More than that, Ricky was going to be an innate spirit soon.

He had used the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula for such a long time, and it had also saved his life many times and helped him defeat many other warriors. It was just too hard for him to give it up in that moment. But no matter how hard it was for him, he knew that he had to give it up. It had always been like that in the world of martial arts—any useless cultivation method had to be discarded at once. Otherwise, he would not survive the future competitions that he would face.

The only way Ricky could keep it was if he could reshape it. However, he did not think he was talented enough to do that.

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