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   Chapter 434 The Fortune Elder

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The Regenerating Grass, as they had heard, was one of the Treasures from Heaven and Earth that could revitalize any dying warrior below the innate realm. Consuming the Regenerating Grass could not only help Ricky recover his strength, but also cure all the wounds that he had garnered from his previous battles.

Moreover, after refining the Regenerating Grass, Ricky himself felt that he suffered less side effects from devouring too much blood vitality of beasts in a short span of time.

'The Regenerating Grass is really good stuff. What a pity that I have to take it now!' Ricky sighed silently.

Aside from other trivial cultivation resources and Treasures from Heaven and Earth, he was able to get four Regenerating Pills and five pieces of Regenerating Grass in total from the Wonderland. He gave two of the Regenerating Pills and two of the Regenerating Grass to Grace. After the fight with Yates, he now only had one of the pill and two of the grass for himself.

Upon seeing that Ricky had really recovered, all of the other warriors beamed in delight. They felt extremely fortunate that they could now abandon the greedy idea of fishing in troubled waters out of their respect for Ricky. Otherwise, they would have suffered a great deal once Ricky fought back, even without the help from Hoffman.

"How could he waste the Regenerating Grass just like that? No one is even planning on stepping onto the competition platform to challenge him anymore!" Tyson groaned.

"He did the right thing. He needs more strength to protect himself. Besides, who knows whether they are really well-meaning or not," Kristen said. "More than that, he also needs the strength to refine the ultimate dragon meridian."

"So, maybe I worried too much. Now that you have consumed the Regenerating Grass, your buddy should have nothing to fear in the Fortune Land," Hoffman told Ricky somewhat admiringly through his internal power.

"Anyway, Hoffman, thank you very much! If possible, let's go for a drink together after we get out of here, ha-ha!" Ricky responded as he smiled at Hoffman.

"Ha-ha, deal!" Hoffman laughed. "But for now, you'd better refine the ultimate dragon meridian quickly; otherwise, there will be no Fortune Rain in t

g being who co-exists with the Fortune Land. Seeing as your consciousness was able to come here, then you must have gotten the ultimate dragon meridian this time," the elder said as he smiled.

"The Fortune Elder!" Ricky muttered. "A living being who co-exists with the Fortune Land?"

Soon, Ricky understood what was happening.

"Respected Fortune Elder," Ricky said solemnly.

"Yes?" the elder answered as he looked over at Ricky with his ancient eyes.

"Did you lead my consciousness here? Do you lead the consciousness of every person who has obtained the ultimate dragon meridian here?" Ricky continued.

"Ha-ha, I have no time for that." The Fortune Elder laughed as he tore his gaze away from Ricky.

"No?" Ricky exclaimed, shocked.

"Then, how did I…"

"Your consciousness entered my space by itself. I didn't lead your consciousness to this place," the Fortune Elder said. His eyes were also riddled with confusion. Wise as he was, he also had no idea why Ricky was able to enter his place.

"My consciousness came here by itself? But wasn't I just bathing in the Fortune Rain? I wasn't trying to enter any other place. I don't even know this place at all. How could I..." Ricky murmured.

"Sir, what on earth is going on? Has this happened before?"

"To be honest, I actually don't know either," the Fortune Elder said seriously. "I don't think it has ever happened before. No genius' consciousness can enter this place without the power as strong as mine."

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